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My Granddaughter, 10 going on 15, is coming for a week at Christmas. She’s a city girl; I live in the country. I want to have fun with her, but not on the computer, television, wii, or other gadgetry. All ideas welcome…


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  1. dynamomma dynamomma says

    How wonderful. Why don’t you just ask your granddaughter?

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  2. Generic Image juliag says

    Hello My granddaughter is also 10 going on 15. She loves to do crafts so we go off to Michaels and we find something she would like. I also have a couple of books she can look through and we go shopping for the supplis. We usually go out for lunch and then home to make our craft. She also likes to try her hand at cooking or baking. Sometimes we make that clay that you can sculpt or playdough. Movies and dinner are always a great time too. Have fun!!!

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  3. Generic Image clibey says

    I too, have a 10 year old granddaughter. She waffles between artsy, craftsy, to wanting to shoot baskets outside. I think I would just be flexible. Look around your area and see what is available. However, I did prepare a little in case of bad weather. I bought 2 of those gingerbread house kits and a bunch of different types of candy for decorations. We are having a contest between she and her brother on who can decorate theirs in a unigue way. I also have lots of supplies for making ornaments for the Christmas tree. But most of all, I don’t plan on doing anything else but just being there for her. No housework, blah, blah, blah. Enjoy your time with her. Gosh, they grow up so quickly.

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  4. SassySenior SassySenior says

    Thanks, friends, but I think I didn’t properly express my “problem.” I give the grands 100% when they are here and we’ve done every imaginable project. You’ll just have to trust me when I say that a 10 year old who has been back stage with Miley Cyrus doesn’t think making playdough with Grandmommy is fun. 

    My daughter and her husband (a professional musician) are great parents, but they both work and compensate with constan t activity, going, classes, computers, and lots of television. The other set of grandparents buy into this and basically are the supply side for the newest electronic gadgets. These children (my 10 year old granddaughter and her 7 year old brother) will be perfectly happy if I allow 24/7 access to TV, computer and wii games.  But deep down I believe that what makes them complacent today is not fundamentally a good background for life. 

    I know that I’m up against a tital wave here, but I just hate giving in. Last year, we had Easter at the ranch and I abolished them from the house, pulled the breaker to the den so the TV wouldn’t work (feigning ignorance of the problem and an inability to “fix” it) and told them to go outside and play. Now, this is no slouchy playground. There is a running creek not 50 yards from the house, animals, and thousands of acres. The kids are not beligerant or whiney…they just dutifully sat on the steps until I let them back in and restored the TV. The problem is that they don’t know how to play except for electronically interactive games or one-on-one adult attention. Yes, we can go on a two-hour nature walk, but the minute we are back, they are asking what else there is to do – in other words, they require CONSTANT entertainment by either a person or an electronic gadget.   

    I guess the real question is whether I should just give in and have a happy peaceful week…or whether there is constructive middle ground that will add balance to their busy little lives. As is, they still WANT to come to Grandmothers…but as they get older, I’m afraid they just won’t have any value for the quiet self reliant life unless it is learned now. Our own children were reared in the city as well, but they LOVED to go to the ranch. Of course, we were the minority parents that didn’t provide phones and televisions in their bedrooms. I recall the WW I song about the men not wanting to go back to the farm after they’d seen gay Paree, so I understand this is a generational problem. I just wonder if other grandparents are struggling with what to offer in lieu of the city lights that is actually a fun memorable experience.   ?????

    For the record, their parents are in agreement with me, but they also say “give in” if the kids aren’t having a good time (read: they are driving me crazy). But that’s the problem. They…and I…give in because it’s so difficult to compete with the constant high of electronic stimulation.


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    • Generic Image clibey says

      Ah, but I do understand that, also .  My grandson is 13.  He has xbox 360. When he comes to stay at our house he has his bag of games with him. We do allow him to play on it a bit. But, that is the way the kids play now. I would like to preface this with the fact that we live on a lake. We, too, can walk in the woods and watch deer and fox from our front steps. We can swim (in the summer), fish, and we have 3 different types of boats. So, we plan certain gathering type activities…hey we’re going on a boatride, we’re going fishing, etc.  and he knows he is expected to join in. And he does so willingly…now.  It was tough at first pulling him off whatever gamesystems he happen to have at the time. But, he actually enjoys doing whatever we are doing. He joins in whole-heartedly. He has come to learn that there are a lot of ways to have fun. So, my suggestion is to allow them to divide their time. It is a different time for kids these days. I guess I should add that my husband bought me Beatles Rock Band for my birthday and when my grandkids come we have some great jam sessions. But, we are together. I’m not suggesting that you buy a Wii…but there are many ways to be together with your grandkids. Good luck. I hope you find your special ways.

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      • SassySenior SassySenior says

        Thanks clibey. In my zeal to balance their regular diet of this stuff, I forget that they need balance every day. In retrospect, taking the games completely away as we did at Easter was/is not a good idea. Kind of like taking my morning coffee away.  Thought my house would be buzzing this Thanksgiving morning, but here is it 10:30, the turkey is beginning to smell good, and I have time to loll on my usual routine including some big girl computer time. My city kids are still fast asleep! But dinner is at 3, so all is well.  Happy Thanksgiving.

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  5. Generic Image juliag says

    How about a big collage of their lives so far?    I think it would be impossible to compete with Miley!!!!  Maybe get them to take some of their own pictures -being creative of course. Sounds Like I would like to come visit at your place!!!!!!

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