Are there any orphanages in America?

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  1. Lynnette Lynnette says

    i think the orphanages were replaced by foster homes, but i am not 100% sure.

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    • Fran Young Fran Young says

      This could not be further from the truth.  Actually, this misconception is what keeps so many children from finding their “forever families”. 

      Foster homes are meant to be a temporary situation.  My belief is that States are milking this system, keeping children out of permanent adoptions, to attract and establish funding into their coffers, specifically into the Children’s Division of Social Services in each and every state.  Very sad and a deeply disturbing commentary on moral convictions of our society.

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  2. Dallas Lady Dallas Lady says

    YES Yes yes….here’s a list


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  3. Generic Image ladywildcat says

    There is an orphanage where I live, in Saint Joseph MO.  It’s more formally called “Noyes Home for Little Wanderers”.

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  4. Generic Image snowwhite129 says

    I am just curious, Deedee, why are you asking? 

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  5. Fran Young Fran Young says

    Dave Thomas, the founder of Wendy’s restaurant (now deceased), has a wonderful service online finding homes for hard-to-place children.  Usually they are siblings who do not wish to be separated, or are older children.  Seems that most children ‘up’ for adoption in other venues are only desirable if they are babies.

    I’m from Missouri, and there was also an orphanage in St. Louis run by the Baptists (Baptist Children’s Home).  I believe orphanages can be found in all areas of the US.  Unfortunately, most children without families are housed in facilities run by religious organizations.  I say “unfortunately” from my vast experience with/in foster care and involvement with adoptions (better saved for another post).

    Check out the nationwide Boys and Girls Town facilities.  And, finally, look into the Heart Gallery Adoptions (google it).  It is a site that hosts the photos and information on children who are ‘up’ for adoption.  Be prepared, however, for a long, hard road if you’re considering adoption. 

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