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pepermint patty


I have always felt out of place in my birth family. My children were always treated differently than my sisters kids because my parents hated my husband so i never went around the family much because i felt i had to make a choice between them or my husband and girls i of course chose my girls and yes my husband was abusive and i did eventually leave him and he passed away 15 yrs ago and my family still treat my daughters different.Any way i still feel uncomfortable around them and was just wondering if i should just remove myself from them.My sister is treating her son the same way mom treated me and she hardly has any thing to do with her grand daughter but she makes all over my grand son which is not fair to that little girl.My pastor says that forgiveness is what you should do and that  you dont have to forget but i dont know how to forgive when i cant forget.  Any help would be apperciated. Thanks Girls


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