Jacquie Mackenzie

Ending a 21 days Water Fast

Last night my breath was sweet, not the yellow mouth of toxins leaving my body that I’ve had since the second day of drinking only water. I became clear breathed 21 days after I stopped eating.


I have had the usual "fasting high" the last two days: lots of energy and a feeling I could accomplish anything. Fortunately, I know that means it’s time to listen to my body even more and start taking in calories again.


Now I will take in only homemade clear veggie soup for a week, a juice fast. This will give my digestive system a chance to prepare for eating regular meals again. By the time I eat normally five weeks, 35 days will have passed.


This process was a major commitment to my own health. What drove this was a bad fall off my horse onto my back January 17th. I recalled my doctors saying that I had too much weight and too little exercise on that back; I knew better. Since January 24th I have lost 22 ½ pounds and have done more exercise. The hardest part, as we all know about after 50, is to keep my will power going and make my arms strong enough to push back from food.


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