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Divorcing a bi-polar, suicidal spouse after 35+ years of marriage

I decided on Sept 2, 2011 that I will be divorcing my bi-polar and suicidal husband after 35+ years of marriage.  I'm struggling with the how and the when part of it.  In an attempt to keep myself safe, I'm thinking about telling him after we sell our home, but just before moving.  I'm also thinking about transferring our equity - not because I don't want to share, but just to protect it until the divorce is final. (He would live off of it until it is depleted if I don't.) I have sought counsel from professionals, my pastor and 2 attorneys (who differ in their opinion).  Basically, the professional counselors, etc advise that since I know him better than anyone, of course I need to be safe, but they tell me that I need to decide how and when to tell him.  Anyone out there have any advice?  There are no books on 'how to leave a bi-polar suicidal spouse' and I feel like I'm venturing in uncharted waters.


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