Discovering and Rediscovering Sex After 50
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Discovering and Rediscovering Sex After 50

Rachael - VN Editor

1 month ago

We often enter into marriage thinking this is it. This is the last person we will ever have sex with for the rest of our lives. Sometimes, however, it doesn't work out that way. For whatever reason--divorce, widowhood, moving on from a sexless marriage, we may find ourselves rediscovering our sexuality. When women are discovering and rediscovering sex afer 50, it might feel a little more complicated than when you were 20. But you aren't alone - and these amazing women show you how to navigate the waters.

Sex After 50

Walker Thornton beautifully sums up what it means to rediscover your sexuality after divorce. "Having sex in the context of a longterm marriage was no guarantee that I could smoothly transition to the brave new world of singles and sex and spaghetti dinners."  When you find yourself dating after a long-term relationship, navigating the waters of sex with a new partner can be intimidating. Learning to speak up and voice your own needs and passions is a major step in any relationship. Any partner who is worthy of you should be concerned with your needs and passions. You can read more about it here.

Sex After 50

Many women find themselves settling for a sexless marriage. Whether it starts off with little (or no) intimacy or finds its way there after years of commitment, you should not be ashamed to speak up. Sex is crucial to the overall wellness of your marriage. When sex fizzles, it can leave one or both partners feeling emotionally and physically unsatisfied. An anonymous reader shares her story about leaving her sexless marriage. She writes, "And then the time turned into days…then months…and then years. He could never perform.  We tried different things early on…different positions, me wearing lingerie, etc…but nothing worked." Inspiring and uplifting, she learns to find the strength and conviction within herself and stops blaming herself.

Sex After 50

A common misconception is that after 50, sex is no longer desirable. Women over 50 often feel sexless. This video discusses some of the most common reasons why libido dips as we age. Fifty doesn't have to mean the end of our sex lives. In fact, sex after 50 can be the best sex we've ever had. Whether it is an issue of discomfort or even our own perception of what we believe our partner wants, this short, insightful video explains some of the most common myths associated with mature women and sex.

Sex After 50

In another blog post by Walker Thornton, she talks about how important it is for us to feel comfortable in our own skin. It's hard to grow old gracefully--especially with all of the pressures put on us to grab onto our youth with both hands and refuse to let go. "We live in a society that worships youth. In our youth, marketing-driven culture, women lose their appeal as they get older. Old and Aging have negative connotations. Personally, I much prefer getting older to the alternative." There is beauty in getting older. And the sooner we can be comfortable with who we are, the easier it is to be comfortable with another person. You can read the full post here.

There is absolutely no reason to say goodbye to a satisfying sex life just because we've hit 50. Sex can and should continue to be a wonderful experience. Now is the time to claim or reclaim your passion!



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