dating at 51

I am suddenly single after a 30 marriage and have gone the online dating route. I have met a very lovely man who is a widower with a teenager at home.  He is tender and sweet. He has been a widower for 4 years and had a failed relationship after that with a woman with children as well, which failed due to the merging of the families. The last relationship ended last fall, a fact i was confused about, i thought it was a year ago. So we are now dating...but these women are with us everystep of the way.  I try very very hard to not mention my ex, and if i have to i do it  as 'the children's dad'. I have talked about it w/ him and said that when we are out together he has to leave the  "girls" home and he agreed.  Last nite we went out for an expensive dinner, i was all dressed up and ready for a romantic nite out and u guessed it the other ladies were with me at the table.  In fact he never mentioned anything about how i looked at all-although otherwise very polite and gentlemanly. He has said in the past that dating is a means to an end for him; i replied that i was looking for dating, romance and a companion=for now. That is what i want-dating, a companion and ROMANCE! So how do I broach the subject and make him see me.? I want the wife and ex to be left at home.  I want romance and a little passion.  Fair?


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