Ainslee Grace

Computer Virus Alert 5/4/09

Just a quick warning girls, that the April Fools (Confiker) virus is still at work, and it is coming in through some surprising being Facebook Applications.

I was happily downloading a message from a friend in London, thru an application, asking me to compare "quiz" answers with his, when my computer seized up. It was infected by this awful virus. I was LUCKY that I could still get online to find answers and help. Took six hours straight to repair the mess, and I know it may still be lurking in my system somewhere, as the writers have updated it to respond to new attempts to remove it.  Be careful out there ladies. 

Backup your important files daily! Send your photos to Facebook or a photo web site. Stay vigilant. Run GOOD anti-virus programs, like AVC or Norton. Free anit-virus programs such as the ones from Comcast, often have adware, malware and spyware attached. Spend a few dollars and get a good boxed program.

Ain't technology grand!

Good luck,


Ainslee Grace


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