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Clothes for women over 50: What to wear on the weekend or when you no longer work full time

When you no longer work full time and professional attire is no longer required, it should be a happy time in your life. The truth is, it can be pretty stressful instead. It’s hard to know what to wear on the weekend, and other times when you don’t have to get dressed up to go to work.


Create an Effortless Weekend Look

What should you wear on the weekends, when you don’t need to look professional or dressy? According to VN members, jeans are one of your best options for casual wear. Look for jeans that fit your body and follow your curves. Well-fitting clothes are always more flattering than something that’s too loose or too tight, so take the time to find something that matches your shape.

Pair your jeans with T-shirts to complete your casual look. VN member Gramma likes shirts that are “cotton, V neck and 3/4 length sleeves.” The V-neck collar is form-flattering, and more comfortable than crew-neck T-shirts. When you need clothing that’s a little warmer, try Gramma’s solution. “Whether summer or winter,” she gets herself a “light sweater in any color and I am set!”

T-shirts aren’t easy for everyone to wear. VN member DarTo has muffin top issues, something to which many women can relate. She wears a “great colored cami” under a blouse, and pairs it with jeans or twill pants.

“The muffin top requires a button down blouse – it hides a multitude of sins,” advises VN member Robin Donovan, of Menologues. “Make sure it’s a little on the longer side,” she adds. VN member brandas8 wears dark denim with a white blouse, which looks slimming.

Add some light make-up, maybe a little gloss and mineral powder, and choose comfortable shoes. Flats and sandals are always appropriate for a casual weekend look.

What to Wear Now

When you’re no longer working full-time, your closet might stop being your friend. It greets you with dark colors, work-appropriate jackets and high heels that aren’t made for walking. Start collecting new wardrobe pieces to put together a perfect look that’s not designed for the office.

“I don’t think you can go wrong with casual, loose, comfortable linen,” suggests VN member riversong. In cooler weather, look for pieces like a “fisherman sweater, sweaters in tweeds.” Wear them with jeans and cords, and you’ll be good to go.

“I’m so looking forward to dressing down and still looking sharp,” said VN member Friscochick. “My action plan? Wearing jeans with longer tops and funky jewelry… Clothes express who I am and what I like. Right now, I definitely like relaxed.”

Shopping can be an expensive hobby, so many VN members go to thrift stores and consignment shops, like the Salvation Army, to hunt for buried fashion treasure. If you’re handy with a needle, you can alter your finds to get a better fit and a look that’s even more “you.”


Tips for Everyday Glamor

Many women struggle with finding the balance between their polished, professional look and a completely frumpy look. You don’t want to get buttoned up in a suit every day, but you’re still an attractive and vibrant woman. There is a happy medium, and VN member The Glam Gals shared some helpful tips to help you find it.

“Try leggings plus a dress,” The Glam Gals suggested. “Short, flowing mini-dresses worn with bare legs and heels look great on twenty- and thirty-year-olds, but that doesn’t mean they are off limits to women over 40 and 50.”

“Add a wide belt to your casual weekend outfit,” the Gals added. “A wide belt worn loosely at the hip on a slight angle will instantly add a touch of the wow factor.” This is also a useful way to hide your belly!

They also suggest flat shoes for a casual look, and a sweater wrap for a layered look. A sweater wrap is flattering and very stylish. And instead of your fancy office jewelry, try some interesting costume jewelry instead. “Some bold costume jewelry and all of a sudden your casual look has gone chic,” explained the Glam Girls.

Finding Your Style

Casual doesn’t mean that your clothes should be swimming on you. Wardrobe pieces can still fit loosely and look great without being oversized. Great fit always creates a better look. The Huffington Post explored the topic of fit and color in an article about how today’s modern, over-50 women dress.

  • Don’t be afraid to try white: You don’t have to have color to be fashionable. White clothing looks very stylish, and it’s a great way to showcase your vivid jewelry and fun accessories.
  • Simple is really better: AARP advises choosing a simple look to create casual style. Choose clothes that don’t need to be dry-cleaned, in lightweight materials that don’t wrinkle easily. Pick pieces that can be worn as separates to create several different looks without buying a ton of different clothes.
  • Add accessories: Dress up your style with a few simple accessories. A colorful scarf is a great way to bring color to your face and add interest to any outfit. Add a cardigan sweater or a short jacket to add just the right touch to your look.
  • Wear dresses: They aren’t just for creating a business look. Don’t be afraid to wear dresses in form-hugging styles and bold, vibrant colors, says the Daily Mail. A dress that flatters your shape and makes you feel good is a great look anywhere. Keep the skirt at knee-length, because anything shorter really isn’t age-appropriate, and you’ll always look stylish.

When you no longer work full-time, or start shopping for weekend clothes, it’s your chance to find your own personal style. Take the opportunity to experiment with new pieces and new colors, and let your personality shine through your fashion choices. If you feel good about what you’re wearing, you really can’t go wrong.



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