Chin Hairs

Many years ago a dear friend, 50+ish came to me with an austere and disturbing request. She feared being incapacitated to the point that she would not be able to remove the renegade chin hairs that periodically appeared almost overnight and asked if I would be her “designated plucker”. Gross! I agreed and prayed every night that Ally would stay healthy and ambulatory.

Jean and I were recently talking at the island in her kitchen and the light caught her chin just right for me to see a new sprout—clearly it was on its way to problem status. Flashbacks of my previous “designated plucker” responsibilities fueled my natural urge to comment—“you need to look at that hair on your chin”, I said. Not only did I have the courage to expose it, but when she faced issues with capture and removal I stepped in to actually make the snare. Tweezers in hand I located, made contact and pulled; not as gross as it had seemed 15+ years prior (I have had self provided practice since then).

Our suggestion—make a Chin Hair Treatise with your friends. This is a perfect example of women supporting other women—if your friends are running around with embarrassing escapees from the follicle farm, tell them—wouldn’t you want them to reciprocate? (Anything over 3/16 of an inch qualifies for attack.) We need to watch each others backs—or in this case chins.


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