Great speech from a VN blogger about what to do when life gets messy Most Liked

Today’s Featured Recommendation From svegas This was a great speech.  Very much enjoyed it and would recommend everyone listen to her message! Vibrant Nationread more »

A Love Story

In May, I participated in Panache DeSai’s 33 day program online with his new book – “Discovering Your Soul Signature.”  One thing about doing spiritual work, anything that needs to be released comes up.  In my case, deep childhood emread more »

The Older The Plant, The Deeper The Roots Most Liked

One of the things I learned about gardening long ago was that if you wanted to try and remove a plant or bush that had been there for years, you’d better be prepared for some heavy digging and pulling because the roots were guaranteed to be read more »

I never signed up for this

Today’s Featured Post Vibrant Nation blogger Darryle Pollack spoke at TedX Napa Valley. Her talk, “I never signed up for this,” is warm and funny, inspiring and wise: read more »

The Right To Grow

On my bookshelf sits a copy of a book that has been a constant source of joy and teaching for me since 1996. The book is called, Growing Myself: a spiritual journey through gardening by Judith Handelsman. I have lost count of the times read more »

As Clouds Sail By

About a week ago I was sitting at my desk by the window early one morning looking out at the sky. What I was supposed to be doing was sitting with my eyes closed listening to the guided meditation I had pulled up on my laptop. However, the sun wasread more »

What is Yoga Nidra?

read more »

That Awkward Age Most Liked Hot Conversation

I remember being 12 years old and feeling as if it was absolutely the worst year of my life. I was too old to be thought of as a child even though I still clung to things from childhood that were familiar and safe like my stuffed toy collection anread more »

Laugh at Yourself

I had been trying to listen to SLRN (Spiritual Living Radio Network) and was getting very frustrated with my laptop — suddenly the sound wouldn’t work!  Even though it was turned all the way up, I could only hear a faint bit.  I checread more »

Day 1 of No Negativity Challenge / channeling Watermusic

I can say that because I purposely started the day with positive thoughts I did not have many negative thoughts come through my mind today.read more »