Spending time with ourselves Most Liked Hot Conversation

Let’s talk about one of the great truths in life: we are the best company. Of course, we are! Unfortunately, women tend to forget this and proceed to be always surrounded by friends, family, co-workers. There is time in our lives for each and evread more »

Going With The Flow: Part Two

Back in October I shared the experience of putting out positive thoughts and vibrations to the Universe and in return receiving the opportunity to leave a job where I was terribly unhappy, as well as being 50 minutes away by bus,  in exchange forread more »

Nature’s Greatest Teacher

Having to spend most of the summer indoors while my very inconvenient fractures mend has not been my idea of a glorious summer, but as with everything else that happens in my life, I am trying to find the lessons in all of this. Being under medicaread more »

No Negativity

I want to start the challenge..where is it? 0 likeread more »

Short Take

Always rushing, never arriving, I push to the limit; mindlessly anxious instead of ‘mindfully conscious,’ or ‘tending my garden,’ or just ‘living in the moment.’ Multi tasking has become the new mode, and sometiread more »

Awakening a California Girl’s Spirit

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Leaving Baltimore

My last Friday Message from Baltimore ..   Ok, it’s Saturday – my laptop is set up on a TV tray.  I am surrounded by boxes and paper and bits and pieces that didn’t go on the truck yesterday.  It starteread more »

A Man in a Hat and a Wildish Way Child Most Liked Hot Conversation

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Reverence for Life

Ambling home from my Bikram yoga class, legs feeling like two 10-ton truck tires, heart rate wending its way back to normal, mind very present from 90 minutes of mindfulness, I glimpsed on the sidewalk to my left what seemed to be a dead animal. Tread more »

Life Lessons From The Garden: The Stillness at the Bottom of the Pond

For all of the years that I gardened on a large scale, I always wanted a small pond. I was not one that went in for those huge, fancy water features with the splashing fountains surrounded by exotic terraced plantings. No, all I wanted was a littlread more »