A Conversation with My 16 Year Old Self

A few months ago, a cousin of mine requested letters from us old family members to give to her daughter in a book form for her 16th birthday. What a wonderful idea I thought as I read the criteria. She was asking the adult women in her daughterread more »

Knitting Memories

  Yesterday was All Souls Day, or, as some call it, Day of the Dead. It is the day when it is said the veil between the worlds isread more »

love and peace

my happiness is in Gods hand 1 likeread more »


I was raised in the church..My mother made sure, I went ever time the door was open..She had more faith than anyone.I have ever known..At the end of her life she went through so much pain…I found myself asking GOD why??…I know you are read more »

All Apples Are Not Created Equal

One of the perks of living in upstate New York comes around this time of the year. As soon as the first nip is in the air and the first leaves start to turn, you can be sure that it’s apple harvest time. Local orchards open their gates to leread more »

Some Dreams Just Take A Little Longer Most Liked

I began this series on clutter clearing with two thoughts in mind. One was that I wanted to let go of those things that no longer served me and that were keeping me from moving forward. I intended this on both a material and a spiritual level. Theread more »

Setting an Intention Most Liked

Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it-Maya Angelou read more »

Spending time with ourselves Most Liked Hot Conversation

Let’s talk about one of the great truths in life: we are the best company. Of course, we are! Unfortunately, women tend to forget this and proceed to be always surrounded by friends, family, co-workers. There is time in our lives for each and evread more »

Going With The Flow: Part Two

Back in October I shared the experience of putting out positive thoughts and vibrations to the Universe and in return receiving the opportunity to leave a job where I was terribly unhappy, as well as being 50 minutes away by bus,  in exchange forread more »

Nature’s Greatest Teacher

Having to spend most of the summer indoors while my very inconvenient fractures mend has not been my idea of a glorious summer, but as with everything else that happens in my life, I am trying to find the lessons in all of this. Being under medicaread more »