Where’s Your Walden?

Last week I was pulling books off of my bookshelves in my semi-annual book purge. For some reason when Autumn begins to turn cold with hints of the Winter to come, I find it absolutely necessary to attend every book sale and garage sale in order tread more »

Lost: One Warm And Fuzzy Place

Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you that I am pretty much a happy-go-lucky kind of gal. Sure, I have my down time just like anyone else, but I can usually pull myself out of it with some good old TLC and a walk around the block. read more »

Vibrant Nation Profile Update

The power of visualization does work! I have just reviewed the Vibrant Nation profile that I wrote maybe four years ago, when I first became a Blog Circle Member. In the “Where do you see yourself ten years from now?” entry, I realizedread more »

Embracing Our Imperfections

  read more »

Let’s Be Honest Most Liked

Emily, who is one of my favorite kids, walked into my room after school shaking herread more »

Be the Master (or Mistress) of Your Own Destiny Most Liked

Today I met up with a friend I haven’t seen for a few months. We shopped at a few thrift stores and caught up with one another’s life. At one point she said to me, “Have you been depressed? Are you taking anything?̶read more »

Rev. Angelica’s Wild Ride

I saw a picture of a roller coaster the other day and realized that’s what my life has been like lately.  I got on it just before the holidays and the ride’s not over yet.  Not really the pattern I wanted to set for 2014, but we do what’s read more »

Growing Myself Week 7: The Seed of Enlightenment

How beautiful our inner garden looks! Our secret sanctuary is filled with the colors and smells of a garden in bloom. Look at what we have created: We’ve discovered our self-worth and learned to value ourselves We’read more »

The Gift of the Ordinary Moment

The greatest joys are in the small ordinary moments of our lives. It’s watchread more »

Free EFT/Tapping World Summit

This is a yearly online event which started February 24th and will continue for the next several days. I’m one of those people who when I get excited about something my first impulse is to share it with everyone. I’ve used tappiread more »