Leaving Baltimore

My last Friday Message from Baltimore ..   Ok, it’s Saturday – my laptop is set up on a TV tray.  I am surrounded by boxes and paper and bits and pieces that didn’t go on the truck yesterday.  It starteread more »

A Man in a Hat and a Wildish Way Child Most Liked Hot Conversation

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Reverence for Life

Ambling home from my Bikram yoga class, legs feeling like two 10-ton truck tires, heart rate wending its way back to normal, mind very present from 90 minutes of mindfulness, I glimpsed on the sidewalk to my left what seemed to be a dead animal. Tread more »

Life Lessons From The Garden: The Stillness at the Bottom of the Pond

For all of the years that I gardened on a large scale, I always wanted a small pond. I was not one that went in for those huge, fancy water features with the splashing fountains surrounded by exotic terraced plantings. No, all I wanted was a littlread more »

The Second Half of Life Most Liked Hot Conversation

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A Strong Woman Most Liked Hot Conversation

This week two friends reminded me ( and apparently I needed the reminder), that I am a strong woman. It got me thinking about what a strong woman looks like. Finish one or both of this sentences. A strong woman…. A strongread more »

Uncharted Lands and New Beginnings

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Taking Up The Challenge

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Older women’s version of Kick the Can

Remember that classic Twilight Zone episode, Kick the Can? Its about older folks that lived in a home and were resigned to just hang around till they dropped dead. Kind of like some of us. read more »

The Gift of Receiving

The last time I posted here it was to share with you my experience after I took a tumble while out walking with my granddaughter and the job my ego did of beating up on my already  black, blue and humiliated self. As it turns out, my friends, tharead more »