caregiver burnout

I am 55 have been taking care of my elderly mom and disabled brother.  My mother is very depressed and stays in the bed most of the time. she resents me as a caregiver and appointed my 34 year old daughter as her power of attorney.  With me living with her and trying to take care of everything, I constantly found myself not being able to do anything without frustration. you can not talk to the bank, do the income tax, talk to her physician without power of attorney. My mom is on alot of medicine and has short-term memory loss. My daughter only saw her once a week.  When my mom knew she was coming she would be a different person, get out of the bed and act like all was great. my mom accused me of trying to overdose her, put her in the nursing home, she is not the same mom i knew.  After 3 years i have said I can not do it anymore. which is good for my mom. she can lay in the bed all day, eat blue bell ice cream. my brother is a different story, alcoholic, drugs.  does not leave the house.  I usually spent 3 days a week buying groceries, paying bills, doctors appointments.  My mother accused me of abusing her.  I said ok, i am through.  I have moved out.  I am so depressed. I feel empty, Have not talked to my daughter. I know I have to go on with life.  I am 55, divorced, and have given 3 years, given up my job, have no health insurance and my self esteem is zero. Any suggestions on how to go on without feeling guilty?


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