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Bodybuilding Nitty-Gritty

Hey Barbie Ann Fans…How are you today?

I am 62 years old and a fitness/bodybuilding fanatic. I’m super crazy about health and fitness. If you want to lose weight, get slim, sexy and stay this way, then you will love my page. It’s about moving that body (obviously). Why workout? Because, moving with or without resistance is miraculous in what it can do for your mind and body. Your diet, your mindset and lifestyle play a major role in how to become and remain a beacon of health and strength. Hey, look in the mirror, full body naked. Do you like what you see? Come on do you really like what you see? The proof is before your eyes and you can’t argue with reality right?

It wasn’t always like this for me, there was a time when I hated what my body had become, as I was always lean and tight without any fat on my body. However, after having my children, I gained a lot of weight and I hated my body and I was upset and used food to avoid the obvious truth and unwholesome food too. However thanks to working out and eating organic healthy food those days are past like GONE FOREVER. I must say it feels wonderful. And now, I’m on a mission to help others do the same. I want to be your inspiration and motivation to continue on your fitness journey or start a fitness journey. It’s so important for you. Will you let me motivate you? Will you like me, use workouts to burn fat, get sexy and slim and totally change your life? If so, let’s get motivated.If you admire some of the bodybuilding greats, or even if you are just looking to build great body contour, you definitely should know a few basic bodybuilding guidelines.

The first step towards having a well sculpted body is to set attainable goals for yourself, ask yourself why you would want to have a healthy fit body or why you would want to use free weights or exercise machines to get fit. Whatever your reason is, what really matters is that, you have to do it for yourself and you should enjoy yourself while doing it.

Most bodybuilding programs end up being triumphant purely because the participants were steady and worked intently to improve themselves.

Maintain a bodybuilding diary to record your progress, or to set and accomplish goals, throughout the path of your bodybuilding program. For instance on a certain day, you could write in your diary that you want to do 15 reps that day(even though you only did 10 reps last time) and then at the conclusion of the day, you could come back and write, whether you managed it and you could also write down your notes about how it went for you. This action can be an enormous motivating factor.

Here are some more bodybuilding tips for quick progress:

1. To ensure success be devoted to your bodybuilding strategy and make sure that you are changing your old routines.

2. You should recognize that the ideal body that you are in search of is not simple to obtain and that building muscle and burning fat can take some time, so be patient and don’t become disheartened.

3. The bodybuilding progression may be very demanding, painful and a difficult mission, but stay with your plan, go to the gym on a regular basis, do your exercises regularly, you may get sore and exhausted, but understand that all of this is in fact helping you shape that ideal body for yourself.

4. For the greatest fitness outcome, you have to adjust your diet. Consume smaller meals and eat more frequently, with more lean protein intake in your diet, as it assists in muscle development. Drink more water which will help in optimizing your muscle size. Limited sugar intake, salt, alcohol and reduce your animal fat consumption.

5. The best way to prevent muscle break down due to a demanding workout is to sleep well and as much as you can.

6. Never lose sight of the primary goal that had motivated you to engage in bodybuilding, drive yourself on towards victory. I want you to be successful so let me motivate and inspire you.


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