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Best Makeup Over 50: Eye shadow that hides wrinkles
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Best Makeup Over 50: Eye shadow that hides wrinkles

VN members

1 year ago

This post contains affiliate links.Have you noticed that your eyeshadow is starting to accentuate the wrinkles around your eyes rather than making you feel beautiful? Whether it's deep creases, wrinkles above your eyes, "hooded" eyes, puffy or dark circles under your eyes, or crow's feet at the corners, you can use several different products and techniques to hide imperfections around your eyes.

What has "always worked" for you may not be the best now. For example, one VN member shared, "I’m 58 and recently threw out all my old makeup which consisted of shimmer and sparkle and invested in new makeup. No more sparkles for me. When your face ages, the last thing you need is makeup that enhances lines, creases, or just makes you look too made up. No more Bold!"

VN members have shared their best tips and tricks to hide wrinkles and bring the attention back to you! Check out these recommendations for how to apply eyeshadow to hide wrinkles, the best eyeshadow brands to hide wrinkles, and other makeup tips from women who've "been there and done that," as well as makeup experts who know how to help you look your best.

How to apply eyeshadow to hide wrinkles

1. Wash and moisturize to prepare your skin

Tara Shakespeare, celebrity makeup artist, says it's all about moisture. When you cleanse and tone, she advises in a video, use a cleanser that's very nourishing and full of moisture.

Kelly, a makeup artist and esthetician for Ulta salon and cosmetics talks about the importance of preparing your skin in a video about minimizing the appearance of wrinkles around your eyes.

"One of the most important things you can do is use an eye treatment cream," she advises. "The skin around the eyes is the thinnest, and most delicate on your entire body. It has very little moisture to begin with, so you want to make sure you're hydrating the area and keeping that moisture barrier intact."

She also recommends a "lifting product" or a "topical alternative to botox" for an "instant lifting" and softening appearance of the fine lines and wrinkles.

2. Apply primer around your eyes.

jammi says:
One word – Primer. They have made all the difference. Too Faced eyeshadow primer is so good it improves the appearance of my lids even without shadow. Brands of shadow that I was ready to give up on are now producing great results…with the primer. For face I use Laura Geller’s spackle.

Anonymous member says:
I found that Cover Girl Simply Ageless Eye Concealer on my lids as a primer works wonderfully. Stays all day with no smearing!!!

Sharon Greenthal says:
Currently I’m using a primer in a pen form by Sephora, and it’s great, but I’ve used others as well (the Sephora is less expensive!).

facesoverfiftydotcom says:
I agree with the primer option. But don’t use foundation – you’re just asking for trouble. If you want to skip primer, look for a shadow that is “velvety,” and by that I mean matte and pigment dense. Cover Girl makes some-in fact they have a couple of terrific new trios out for around $6. Use the lightest shade as a “base” and blend the other colors over top. A creme shadow is NOT the way to go. These are for younger, super smooth lids!

3. Apply your favorite brand and color of eye shadow - carefully

Facesoverfiftydotcom, a VibrantNation member with her own skincare line, has lots of advice for applying color to your delicate lids:

What should you look for? A softer shadow with LESS pigment. Brands like MAC, Smashbox, Chanel, Lancome, and the like are very pigment-dense. That means that they are going to be challenging to work with on lids that have thin, wrinkled skin regardless of whether you use a base or not. IMHO I use a base only for a smokey eye on faces over fifty anyway.

Further stay away from the cremes – even the new ones with silicone - because they are hard to control. Unless you are quite masterful at application, you’ll end up with creme shadow in the outer creases of your eye.

So what to try, right?

Start with a base shadow that is close to the natural color of your facial skin – not the color of your lid. That could be anywhere from ivory to creme to french vanilla to peach to beige – I think you get the idea. It should be a soft matte. Meaning it should be sheer and powdery. Cover Girl has a few shades. Revlon has a few shades. NYX has a few. Sonia Kashuk has a great selection at Target.

From there you can decide to add just a touch of a shade darker to the puffiest part of the outer lid and blend it well. Or you could add a simple shadow all over the lid.

Like hair color, I recommend staying withing two shades of that original base color for your best look. It’s going to be the easiest to wear and to blend. So the colors we’re talking about are camel, taupe, baby brown, shitake – medium neutrals if you are Caucasian and deeper if you are ethnic.

Then add a line to the top lid using a silicone-based waterproof pencil – these are the newest pencils on the market and a single coat of mascara.

And make sure to finish off your brows.

As for brushes? I point everyone toward the Sonia Kashuk brushes at Target. They are manufactured by a high-end American company with a factory in China who also creates brushes for the top make-up companies in the world. The prices are fantastic and the quality matches the best available.

Bogusnot says:
I recently purchased the book Makeup Wakeup which is specifically geared to the makeup needs of older women. I love the tips and many have worked for me. Until I read this book I’d been really focused on a matte finish, but now I strive for the "dewy" look as recommended in the book. (I got it on Amazon and I think I first read about it here). I now use a soft stick eyeshadow on my lids’ crease (after a primer), then I use a powdered eyeshadow, which has eliminated the creases in my eyelids. I also got How Not to Look Old (I think that’s the title) and it’s been very helpful with tips and guides for older women (I’ll be 61 in September).

More makeup tips and tricks for applying color to your lids

Fake an eye lift with eye shadow:
Vibrant Nation blogger Judi Freedman learned this tip from the MAC makeup lady who did her colors several years ago. “I use a light-colored shadow near my lash line and a deeper shade in an arc above the crease where my lid is dropping. Instant eye lift!”

Earth colors are more flattering:
Kgritts said, "As I age, I find that less intense color helps me look younger. So, no bright eye shadow, no bright red lipstick. I stick with earthy colors over the eyes and light colors with no frost on the lips. Earthy colors help draw the attention to the eyes and not the color over the eyes."

Creating a youthful look:
Paula Ellen advises, "If I use eyeshadow at all, it is very scarce, but in a color that brings out my green eyes and then only in the outer corners of the top lid. Keeping the inner corners of your eyes bright gives an illusion of youthfulness."

And what about that shimmer?
Susan Posnick, who provided VN members with 6 age-defying makeup tips for women over 50 says be not afraid of a little eye shimmer! "Many women over 50 are very afraid of eye shadows that have shimmer in them. 20 years ago, you needed to be afraid because the particles were so big that they made the eyelid look crepe-y. But today, everything is so refined you don’t have to be afraid of a little shimmer. This is a big change."

Learn more about looking great after 50 in one of our free reports:

How do you use eye makeup to hide wrinkles? Share your own eyeshadow tricks!


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