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Battling diabetes and obesity: My story

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From VickyG

I am 57 and have been obese most of my adult life..I became an insulin- resistant diabetic and developed a fatty liver, peripheral neuropathy and cataracts secondary to the disease.

My breaking point was when I reached a whopping 288 pounds to my  5’5” stature. Desperate, I chose bariatric surgery and had the Sleeve procedure last October, where approximately 75% of my stomach was removed, along with the center in the stomach that controls cravings.

The post-operative period went smoothly and I believe my recovery was improved with the addition of liquid protein in my water. Now, to date, seven months later I have lost 75 pounds. I feel great.

Alas, my back still has issues and my knees still hurt, but I feel lighter and my outlook has greatly improved.

Exercise was never my thing, but I plan on doing low impact water exercises, using aqua weights, this summer.

My attitude regarding food has made a complete turn around. I have dramatically changed my eating habits and am more aware of what I eat and when I eat. For example, I have eliminated most dairy products, since dairy causes inflammation. I will have the Greek low fat, low sugar yogurt and use low fat half-and-half in my green/ white/ginger tea in the morning. Milk , no matter the fat content has 12 g of sugar in one cup vs Half and Half has 1g of sugar and 1 g of carbs in two tbs, which is just the right amount for my tea.

I have also eliminated ALL artificial sweeteners and refined sugars and replaced it with Agave. Agave is ALL NATURAL and has a lower glycemic index than honey. In fact I have eliminated all WHITE in my diet all together!! with the exception of Cauliflower (my favorite veggie).

I eat 6 times as day small meals and chew my food thoroughly and very slowly, giving my brain enough time to process what my stomach is ingesting so the “full” signals are received.

I never eat after 7 PM except for a light snack of nuts or grapes. I only drink Zero Water with my protein supplement  during the afternoon and the rest of the day just Zero Water as much as possible.

Gone are the days of bulging on sweets, high carbs, fast foods and processed foods. I have to lose another 45 pounds and so far I am on the road to that goal!! I hope that some of this information is useful and good luck to everyone in achieving their goals!!

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