Back to front

This is difficult. I fell in love about two years ago at age 50, which was fabulous and so unexpected. But the fact is I was married, with two teenage children. I was trying to work out my feelings in a sort of journal, which my husband found, and within a couple of months he filed for divorce. I was able to move out near the kids school and they live a week at each home. My ex pays reasonable maintenance, and we treat each other with respect, but it is difficult for my son (my daughter is at uni),as my ex makes it clear how angry he is with me. I feel that my twenty years of faithfulness and care have been treated with contempt, and when I have made efforts to move forward, he has rejected them. My new relationship is steady (not cohabiting) and while I am sorry for the hurt I have caused, there is no way back. I think what I am saying is that sometimes it is the wife who finds 'pastures new', with all the guilt and condemnation attached to that, and it's not easy. On the other hand, falling in love at 50 is possible and wonderful. Who knew?


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