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B.O. during menopausal hot flashes: What aluminum-based deodorant can handle the hormonal sweats?

Vibrant Nation blogger Sarah Gayle Carter is definitely dealing with some menopause symptoms - and the resulting stinky smell!

To combat menopausal symptoms -- to stop hot flashes and hormonal night sweats --Sarah has been taking bio-identical hormones. She's also been trying to detoxify her home and her body, which includes eliminating aluminum-based deodorants and antiperspirant products from her closet.

"I’m trying to take care of myself," she explained. "I’ve been aware for many years that the things in 'real' deodorant that makes it work, are not good for you at all. Aluminum, and I don’t know what all else. Picture cancer causing poisons seeping into that tender, just shaved, vulnerable skin in your armpit -- scary huh?"

Unfortunately, the combination of the biodentical hormones and leaving behind the aluminum based products caused an unexpected result:

"As I work myself into a dewy state of lady-like perspiration, I notice I smell," Sarah said. "A faint whiff at first -- my imagination? But before long, there’s no mistaking it. I have B.O! Good old fashioned body odor. More man-like than lady-like. A man who forgot to use his deodorant. This won’t do.

"And I suspect that the bio-identical hormones I’ve been taking for about two years may have something to do with it. I’m trying to do the right thing – endure, suck it up, smell bad if I have to, rather than willfully poison myself [with deodorant/antiperspirant products]. But it’s sort of bumming me out."

"An unanticipated, unintended consequence. There’s testosterone in the hormonal medley I ingest every day. Just a smidgin, but could it be enough to make me smell like a teenage boy?"

Sarah's perspiration problems -- and her quest to stop hot flashes and hormonal night sweats -- are not unfamiliar to other Vibrant Nation members. And there aren't a lot of solutions available for menopausal women seeking healthy, organic products -- or products compatible with ongoing menopause treatments such as HRT -- that will stop the body odor problem effectively.

"I’ve tried that aluminum-free, chunk of rock thing -- zilch. Might as well have rubbed my underarms with a doorknob!"

VN member Lynnette lives and works in a hot climate. She said, "A no-deodorant rule is not a good thing, at least not for anybody near you. I don’t think I could live without deodorant! But let’s try to find one that is not so harmful."

Can you help? Is there a solution that effectively controls wetness and odor even during menopausal hot flashes -- and that doesn’t put our health at risk or conflict with our menopause treatment regimen? If you know of a product that works, please tell us about it!


To learn more about menopause symptoms, including strategies to stop hot flashes and hormonal night sweats, download our free special report 5 Proven Remedies to Reduce Hot Flashes During Menopause.


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