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Dealing With Grief: The Six-Word Emotional Drive-By

by . March 19, 2017

A dear friend was struggling recently following the death of a long time friend. I don’t think Baby Boomers ...

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Baby Boomer Barbie: Marketing to Boomer Women

by . February 28, 2017

I tend to write a lot about baby boomer women, most likely because I sit squarely in the middle of that demogr...

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Family & Relationships

Elect Me Your Grandparent

by . February 18, 2017

I love creativity. I think it is fun turning everyday activities or roles on their sides and thinking about th...

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Celebrating Differences by Serving As God’s Proxies

by . February 10, 2017

Like probably a good majority of people in this country, I’ve been struggling with some despair over how fra...

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Healthy Living

Could You Be What the New York Times Calls a “Superag...

by . January 7, 2017

I frequently write about aging issues in my blog posts. There’s no mystery as to why. As a 63-year-old aging...

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Family & Relationships

Family Jet Lag: Post Holiday Blues

by . January 5, 2017

I’m conducting a poll. Since my husband and I own a market research firm, I default to collecting data whene...

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