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Doomsday Preparedness: Flood, Earthquake, Volcanic Eruption...

by . January 7, 2017

My husband was never a boy scout. He would have been a great boy scout, though. He believes in being prepared....

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Healthy Living

The Designated Chin Hair Plucker and Old Lady Groomer

by . January 6, 2017

I remember my Mother complaining about her sister who was in a nursing home having long dark chin hairs not pl...

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5 Things I Will Miss When the Obamas Leave

by . January 4, 2017

These past eight years, I have grown fond of President Obama and his family. I have embraced the hope and chan...

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Fashion & Beauty

Are Pajamas a New Bridal Party Trend?

by . December 19, 2016

The new trend for brides for bridal parties is to coordinate pajamas/robes for either the bachelorette party o...

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Spam-A-Clause is Emailing Me Too Often!

by . December 14, 2016

Santa Claus is spamming me again this year. He did have the graciousness not to start marketing to me until af...

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Healthy Living

It’s 3 AM, Are You Shopping, Commenting and Blogging?

by . December 7, 2016

Are you online shopping at 3 AM? Are you posting on Facebook between 3-5 AM? If you answer yes to either of th...

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