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Style Is…Knowing Thyself – Part One of a Month ...

by . February 8, 2017

Welcome to a new, month-long series entitled, Style Is...   In this series, we will explore what it means ...

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Creatively Interesting – Jewelry for the Modern Woman

by . November 15, 2016

Nothing excites me more than keeping company with someone who devotes their time creating from the heart. You ...

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Epitome Of ’60s Style – Mod Squad Fashion

by . October 12, 2016

For today's style story, as my source of inspiration, I've decided to take you back in time to the Michael Kor...

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Baby Soft

by . August 7, 2016

When my sons were babies, I loved the time spent getting them ready for beddy-bye. Scenting their warm bath wi...

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The Audacity to Bare Arms

by . July 31, 2016

Bare arms, Sheer top, fringed hem jeans, toe ring, double earring...the age-patrol would surely arrest me for ...

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Tie One On

by . July 18, 2016

Hi Friends! Over the past few months I've received quite a few emails on the topic of scarf tying. The subj...

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