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Healthy Living

I’m finally getting all my water in!

by . October 19, 2016

For my birthday, I added this Hydr-8 Time Marked Water Bottle to my wish list. I absolutely love it! As...

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Healthy Living

Maybe Our Brains Aren’t Declining – We Just Cha...

by . July 25, 2016

With every passing year, I understand more deeply what my elders have been trying to tell me for years... Thin...

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Featured Blogger

Who Should Be Our Next Featured Blogger?

by . June 22, 2016

Nominate your favorite Vibrant blogger in the comments below. Be sure to include a link and why you think she'...

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Sharon Osbourne is Vibrant as **** Talking about Leaving Oz...

by . May 12, 2016

Around the VN offices, we use the word "Vibrant" to describe women who are embodying the spirit of Vibrant Nat...

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2 Weeks Shy of 50 and Pregnant: Would You Take the Leap Lik...

by . May 10, 2016

As you've probably heard, Janet Jackson has announced she is pregnant. She announced it on Mother's Day, just ...

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Sunscreen Queen Tells All: I Could Have Lost My Dad to Mela...

by . April 29, 2016

I call myself the “Sunscreen Queen”. When my friends and I are celebrating life on the lake, I literally s...

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