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Feeling down? Do a Random Act of Kindess
Family & Relationships
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I was feeling ‘crapped on’ this morning. I find the best way to turn that around is to effectively/healthily ’speak up’ and then pass on a kindness or make a Drive Yourself Happy, run. ;o)

I headed out to my favorite Thai restaurant for lunch which causes me to drive through a quiet, shaded, stop-sign at every corner development. I came up a group of 5 people, standing around and leaning on the back flat-bead of a pick-up truck parked in their driveway. I couldn’t resist as I came to a proper STOP at the sign – rolled down my window and said: ‘YOU KNOW, IF YOU PUT THE EMERGENCY BREAK ON, YOU WON’T HAVE TO ALL STAND AROUND IT HOLDING IT IN PLACE!’ They laughed and smiled! Thank goodness!

After lunch, I stopped at a Crowded, Heavily Traffic Grocery Store. There are stop signs on either side of the white-lined customer walkways going in and out of the store – but it is still intimidating.

I reached the walk-way into the store as an elderly couple was coming up on my left. I said: COME ON! STRENGTH IN NUMBERS! WE’LL CROSS TOGETHER! The wife laughed. Another woman was crossing with her cart from the other side, but a woman with a VERY LARGE CART-FULL of stuff was hesitantly looking from the store curb. I said: WOULD YOU LIKE ME TO BE YOUR CROSSING GUARD? She laughed and said: “I guess I SHOULD go while everyone else is!’ She made a run for it! ha ha

When the older couple and I got into the store entrance, there were only 3 ‘tiny’ carts and 3 oversized carts. I had wanted a ‘tiny’ cart but saw that the other two carts were WEDGED together. The older gentleman and I tried to pull it loose with team effort, but no luck. Then the older woman and I tried another method – tipping the carts upside down, but couldn’t pull them apart. While this was happening, another customer took my tiny cart! ahahaha The older couple felt so bad. I told them not to worry, I’d take a large cart – but – THE OLDER WOMAN WENT OUTSIDE AND FOUND ME ANOTHER SMALL CART, that another shopper had just released! Warms the heart when these things happen!

We entered the store with smiles on our faces and warm hearts as we had each shared a KINDNESS.

On my way to my car, I go to do another random act of kindness by cleaning up the carts spilling out into the parking lot driving lane. I pushed a bunch together and got them nestled into the cart storage area.

OH! and when I got into my car, the digital clock read 1:01pm that’s LOOK like LOL! Laugh Out Loud! So I did … have a healthy laugh!

So, feeling crapped on? Not by birds but by a negative encounter – DO A RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS or DRIVE YOURSELF HAPPY! Turn your day around.

Ha Ha Helen Szollosy of LAFOLOT
Live Life! Laugh Often! and DRIVE YOURSELF HAPPY!

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Home & Garden
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I have to laugh at myself! Laugh myself HEALTHY, that is! *wink

Whenever I dislike a chore, I find something silly or fun to make it more bearable. For example, when I when I came in from ‘weed whacking’ the yard, just now; I could ’smell’ that my cat had used the litter box. *pfew!

So, I went over to ’scoop’ it out. My cat was following behind; they always like to investigate what I’m going to do with their litter box! ha ha

As I approached to do this ‘not so pleasant’ but ‘necessary’ chore – a CHEER popped into my head!

‘LET’S GO CLEAN THE BOX, LET’S GO!’ *clap clap clap
‘LET’S GO CLEAN THE BOX, LET’S GO!’ *clap clap clap
[it comes from a sports cheer: ‘Let’s go BIL-LEE Let’s Go!’ you insert whichever name fits at the moment – for the person about to SCORE!]

There I was, bending over, ready to scoop up cat poop and I’m LAUGHING at this CHEER that pops into my head!

When I was weed whacking a month ago, I shared how; after sweating and dealing with numb, aching arms – I started to LAUGH to relieve the stress by thinking up a Weed Whacking Laugh! Weed Whacka-ha ha ha ha haaaa

I’ve shared in the past, when I have to go grocery shopping [another chore I dislike] I make up a WORD out of the first letter of each item I need – so I remember my shopping list!

Write it down, you say! Oh, that’s so ‘been there, done that!’ ha ha ha
I like the non-sensical words I come up with.
This puts a smile on my face –

then I go to the store and start playing my SMILE CAMPAIGN GAME!

(Give a Smile, Get a Smile = 1 point!  Give a Smile, Get a Smile and a verbal response = 2 points!)

Got some CHORES to do? CHEER yourself through!
Any CHEER will DO! Woo! Hoo!

Ha Ha Helen Szollosy of LAFOLOT


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Eat, Pray, Love: Our version of Elizabeth Gilbert’s bestseller
Books & Entertainment
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elizabeth: The movie, Eat, Pray, Love, based on Elizabeth  Gilbert’s bestselling memoir (for those of you have been living off the planet for a few years) is coming to a movie theatre near you this Friday. I, for one, am excited. A good friend and I are meeting up on the upper West Side of Manhattan for lunch and a serving of Eat, Pray, Love.

 I think so many women wished they could have run away and penned this book – minus the early bathroom scenes. Hell, I would have been happy to have taken a year long trek to …okay, I am feeling the love and just ate so I won’t mention the state, but you know where you are located. I just want to get the hell out of my office.  

Laurie: Home is where the heart is. Who said that? Beside me, just now. Maybe because I did so much of it when I was younger, I am not a travel person. I like my creature comforts, my nesting space, and NOT flying in big tubular carrier through the sky (after having gone through the hell of airport security and procedures).  

elizabeth: Eat: I want to throw people into a shallow grave when they just look at food as fuel. That is like those people who eat dirt. Please don’t put any of that on my plate. Food should leave you legless like your most memorable lover and savored like the afterglow(right before he starts snoring) and should always be non-caloric. In my world. When I visited Italy, home of some of my ancestors (while I do consider myself 100% Italian, some of my relatives might mention the Irish and Scottish side, but I relate more to Michelangelo than to Yeats), I bought pants a size too big so I could eat my way across the countryside. I did not disappoint. Still trying to lose the last few pounds from my trip in 2002. I consider it my Italian baby fat.  

Laurie: Now eating I can get into and I don’t need a special country to do it. Unfortunately. I’m having company this weekend and I have used that as an excuse to purchase all the decadent things I would never consider – macadamia white chocolate chunk cookies (250 calories EACH), rolls and bagels and all the accompanying butters and cream cheese, pasta just in case I break down and cook, and full-calorie ice cream. See, I don’t need to go anywhere. People are traveling to me and I will probably need pants that are two sizes too big before the weekend is over.  

elizabeth: Pray:   I go back and forth on praying. I think I do, but not always sure whom I am praying to. I don’t think he has a long beard. I don’t think she has red curly hair. Is it living in my soul or sitting on my shoulder whispering directions to a place of worship? I think my version doesn’t care where I go as long as I take responsibility for my life and help people and animals who can’t. When I meet whoever is in charge, my first question (yes, I do plan on having a Q&A with whomever shows up) I would like to know if our planet was the only one that bred so much hate and waged so many wars in the name of God. My God. Your God. Their God. And question Number 2: where can I find the best double fudge soft ice cream that won’t cause a muffin top? Okay question #3 – if I become a Buddhist, can I keep my hair long?  

Laurie: Man, I bug God to death. I am constantly talking to him/her. “What am I supposed to do with new catastrophe?” “Why on earth would you make somebody so silly?” “Think it might be time to give me a break?” “Wow, how could anybody doubt your existence?” A constant running conversation with a person I have never seen. The one thing of which I am not guilty is asking him/her for stuff. Take a break, God. I lost my keys and I’ll find them.  

elizabeth: Love: This is a “word” in progress. Some days I feel it. Some days I deny its existence.   I try to love the people who make me believe that love is just the most overused word in the universe. According to, “love” overtook the word “hate” on the top ten list. (But the word “like” won. Like it really should have). So many people are looking around for it. If you find a place where it really does exist, let me know. I just might take my Italian eating pants and long hair and go live there. As long as I don’t have to eat dirt.  

Laurie: Yeah, I need some work here. When I read many of the philosophies that say we are all one, I look around and go “No way!” But I love lots of stuff – bargains, sunsets, oceans, birds, etc. I just have to keep working on the people part.        

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Acting UP not my AGE! ;o)
Family & Relationships
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Have you ever watched television shows or movies where seniors just LET GO and let their INNER CHILD out! Well, not having kids, I have given myself permission to START EARLY!

I was sitting at Olive Garden Restaurant for lunch having just received my unsweetened iced tea and paper wrapped straw. I was seated next to a window and looking out into the open area seating. There was a table with three women. I’m ‘assuming’ a mother and her two highschool or early college age daughters.

The one girl put her partially unwrapped straw up to her mouth, with a mischievious grin on her face, as if to be ready to BLOW the paper off the straw, into the air – across to her sister. The mother was sitting inbetween the two.
The young woman didn’t follow through. It was like, I KNOW we did this as kids even though we weren’t allowed to, but I won’t really do it.

SO! I thought! THIS is a HA HA HELEN of LAFOLOT ‘permission to let your inner child out’ EMERGENCY!

Dun dun dun DAAAAAAAAAA! I had partially removed the paper from my straw.
I got up.
Walked over to their table with the straw up to my mouth.
and WHooooooooSH! the paper SWOOPED up into the air inbetween the women/girls as they looked at me.

I LAUGHED, SMILED and went back to my table – letting them there giggling, laughing and smiling.


I got 3 of my SMILEY Face, Positive Statement, Bright Yellow LAFOLOT bookmarks out and walked them over to their table. I announced:

‘I figured if ‘I’ did it, YOU (the mischievious teen) wouldn’t get in trouble with mom!’ The mother looked up with a big smile and laughed.

HA HA Helen’s work is never done – never FEAR – HA HA HELEN’S HERE!

Live Life! Laugh Often!

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Family & Relationships
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Part II – how it all started and showed me the POWER of a SMILE!

One story I didn’t include in my blog, yesterday. I had ’stood up’ to a powerful
management/uniformed/gun toting figure at a meeting where I used to work
(policing agency) I ’spoke up’ in a sexual harrassment training session when he
made fun of some point. He then ordered me to leave.

Well – things got hairy, even though I had many supporters, but too many were
afraid to speak up, understandably!

A few weeks later, I encountered him exiting an elevator. He saw me, dropped
his head and was ready to walk on –

BUT – a funny thing happened. I decided to just give him one of my closed mouth
smiles – he saw it – his entire body, shoulders and face lifted, brightened,
lightened up!

I had decided we had agreed to disagree and there was no point in allowing it to
drag us both down. I could see the RELIEF on his face – this high
level/uniformed/powerful man who had ’shrunk himself down and dropped his
head’… THE POWER OF THAT SMILE – what POWER it had to dissipate anger.

That’s why my SMILE CAMPAIGN is so personal and means so much to me.

thank you for allowing me to share … ;o)

Highlighted – Ha Ha Helen Szollosy of LAFOLOT
Spread those SMILES by the MILES and watch how the power of a soft smile can dissipate anger.

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