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10 tips to save your sanity while working at home
Work & Money
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When the time comes to work at home, please follow these fool-proof tips. I can’t speak for Laurie, but this fool didn’t and now I wish I had a fairy god mama that would have pointed me in the right direction. Coaches on the Edge Fairy Dust is now available for $9.99 plus $0.09 S&H. Just send the checks to my house. Laurie doesn’t need to know.

elizabeth: Number One with a bullet: For the love of God and everything we hold dear in this world, do not, I repeat, do not buy sweat pants for comfort while working. You can be just as brilliant in your own damn trousers! I fell under the spell of “well, they are kind of cool black sweats and I did not buy them at Wal-Mart and I could even go walking with them on” line of crap. I don’t care if Giorgio Armani designed sweats for his couture line. Do not wear them at home while working. They do have their place — putting laundry in, cleaning out a litter box or 5 but if you sit in front of your computer for 8 to 12 hours a day, you will have develop a HUGE butt and don’t get me started on the land where small waistlines go. You need to feel the cold, hard metal of a zipper against your flesh each day of your life.

Laurie: Number Two: Caller ID is a must. Tell people that you are working from home and suddenly you become the perfect candidate to wait for the cable guy, meet little Johnny after school because he got detention, take the car to the garage, the pants to the cleaners, and any other job that no one else wants to do. Don’t pick up the phone until you see who is calling. Unless it’s Publisher’s Clearing House telling you that you’ve won, let the answering machine get it.

elizabeth: Number Three: Get outside everyday. Regardless of the weather, open the front door, crack open a window and escape. Don’t put it off until later in the day because you know damn well you won’t do it. Don’t wait till the cops show up because the neighbors thought they smelled something funky coming from your house. You don’t need to read your obituary in the paper. They always put a picture of you with in your eyes closed. Take the cat for a walk.

Laurie: Number Four: Make sure your Mute button works. In case you didn’t follow advice in Tip Number Two and picked up the phone, you may as well use the time productively. You can wash dishes, empty garbage cans, shred documents, and take bathroom breaks while you’re on the phone getting your next assignment from those who think working at home = free time. Just make sure you ask a question that requires a long answer and then mute while you flush.

elizabeth: Number Five: Cleanliness is next to impossible if you don’t bathe.
I could write a book, but I am in the shower.

Laurie: Number Six: Remove all computer games from your desktop. Yes, that includes Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, Free Cell, and any other mind-numbing, totally useless, and always addictive entertainment that makes you sit for hours in front of your screen manipulating your mouse (doesn’t that sound slightly dirty?).

elizabeth: Number Seven: If the green mold on the bread starts to bubble, call the Hazardous Materials hotline number. These guys could use a good laugh and who knows maybe you’ll get invited out to lunch. I would just suggest that someone else taste the food first.

Laurie: Number Eight: No eating in front of the computer. Jelly in the keyboard is impossible to remove, as is oatmeal, salad dressing, and powdered sugar from a doughnut. The plus side of this is you will have friends during what could be a solitary day — ants, roaches, and if you’re lucky, a mouse (we’re not talking digital) or two.

elizabeth: Number Nine: Oprah’s 24th Season started. And try as you may, you can’t just unplug your computer and move it to the bedroom. Why don’t I have a lap top? Silly, I work at home now and my 401K just had last rites…again. Plus it is good to see how Oprah makes her billions. So I will keep on working in heels with a fully made up face and 2 pairs of Spanx.

Laurie: Number 10 and the most obvious of all: DO NOT tell anyone, including your husband and kids, that you are working from home! It’s none of their business, and how are you ever supposed to get any work done if people know where you are?

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The law of average
Family & Relationships
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Did you know there is a ‘Law of Average’ or Standards? It applies in Interior Design, when drafting and indicating counter heights, seat heights, ceiling heights, etc. It applies in school systems, noting whether we fall above or below average on a grading scale. It applies when a child is born, relating to their height, weight or mental/emotional capacity.

I write in my book, ‘Life is a Song in the Key of Love’, that we may tend to unknowingly show bias or prejudice, and the best way to deal with it is talk openly. I suggest asking questions and becoming more familiar with cultures, non-average folks so that we may educate ourselves and break down barriers.

Yesterday, I had another ‘OOOPS I DID IT AGAIN!’ moment relating to making an ‘Assumption’ about another human being. Luckily, I was able to talk openly and educate myself, thank goodness!

I was sat at a booth at a local restaurant. About 6 feet across from me, in another booth, was a family consisting of the mom, dad, and two young boys. I already knew what I wanted, so I was just staring off into space. I suddenly noticed ‘more movement’ out of my left eye. The one boy was ‘playing peek-a-boo’ with me! I LOVE playing with kids when they initiate play out in public, being bored with their families. Babies do this a lot, by looking away from their parents and observiing with big, wide eyed looks as they absorb all the ‘new stuff’ they are seeing and experiencing.

So, my first thought was: ‘this boy seems too old to be playing peek-a-boo, but I’ll go along since he is having fun!’ So I put some silly grins on my face, he ducks and hides behind his daddy.

He pops his head out again, and I give him a wide open-eyed look! He ducks and hides.

He makes another appearance and I hide my face with the menu. He is giggling, hiding, popping up, and smiling.

Life gets too serious, too fast — so I love doing my part to allow kids to be kids and have fun!

All the while, I’m thinking — FOR THIS KID’S HEIGHT (here I go with my assumption and LAW OF AVERAGE), he seems to be a 7 or 8 year old playing PEEK-A-BOO like a little two year old!

Well, I’ve had many opportunities to assist parents with crying toddlers by offering them one of my SMILEY Face bookmarks. When the child sees it, their face lights up and they get curious. It usually stops them from crying.

So, in this case, even though this was a happy BOBBING, PEEK-A-BOO child, I offered him a SMILEY Face bookmark (actually my business card), and gave him an extra for his brother. The parents thanked me, and we went back to our own table space.

A little later, I asked the boy (who I ASSUMED was about 7 or 8 years old), ‘did you READ the back of the bookmark?’

[It has wonderful positive statements about having a fun, healthy outlook on life.]

The mother looked over and said:

HE’S ONLY 4, HE DOESN’T READ YET. [There’s the LAW OF AVERAGE!] I ASSUMED he was older, even though I thought his behavior a bit juvenile! This child was almost 4 feet tall and was 4 years old!

I could have smacked myself. I said to the mother: ‘My he’s tall for his age!’ [COULD SOMEONE STUFF A SOCK IN MY MOUTH!]

We are all so unique and beautiful, but we have this LAW OF AVERAGE on which everything is based. I got treated differently because I was short, fat and female — when I worked in a technological environment. My age also came into play due to the field in which I worked. I talk a lot about this LAW OF AVERAGE in my book, by giving examples of scenarios experienced by friends.

I am making a judgement about myself. My book is about AWARENESS and Appreciating Life in All its Forms of Expression. I just had another dose of, ’step out of your Law of Average awareness and open your mind to other possibilities’ Helen. I’m glad the mother was comfortable enough to talk with me. I’m glad the boy was COMFORTABLE enough with himself to feel free to PLAY LIKE A FOUR YEAR OLD even though people may see him as a seven or eight year old.

Like Forest Gump said, ‘Life is like a box of chocolates’ — there’s a wide variety, full of wonderful flavors. Life is a Song in the Key of Love, full of wonderful variations on musical themes, with a wonderful mix of musical notes.

I got to HEAR THE SOUND of a TALL FOUR YEAR OLD while he MOVED FREELY in life, BOBBING up and down, around his daddy, feeling free to play PEEK A BOO with an over 50, menopausal women.

He held no bias towards me! He just saw a PLAY PAL — not a short, fat, 51 year old, menopausal woman!

Thank you beautiful four year old boy for accepting me as I am and showing me how to do the same. Angels come in ALL SHAPES AND SIZES!

Highlighted Helen of LAFOLOT

Be in AWE of it ALL!

Make Life a Song!

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Do the toddler dance
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I was blessed to have the opportunity to give a LAFOLOT Laughter Wellness demo at our local ‘The Healthy Grocer’ store this past Tuesday. They open their lunchroom to ‘alternative healers/wellness’ folks to demonstrate their gifts.

I entered wearing my ‘now unofficially trademarked’ Tinsel Deely Bobber Headband. A store clerk approached me as I went up to talk to my contact and asked: ‘Are YOU the laughter wellness person?’ I said: ‘What makes you say that?’ Greg, ‘The Healthy Grocer’ wellness program coordinator said: ‘She asked how she’d know you. I told her, don’t worry, you won’t miss her!’ HA HA – Good thing I remembered to wear the tinsel deely bobber headband into the store!

I encountered a blonde hair, blue eyed, wide-eyed with a BIG SMILE little toddler as I was waiting for folks to arrive. Kids tend to think I’m a clown just because of my head gear! I had one of my LAFOLOT Stress Reliever Pinwheels with me, and I was making it twirl around. The little girl was EYEing it. When she and her mom and grandmom went to check out – I held the pinwheel out towards her. (I had already given her a smiley face bookmark.) It was hilarious – we started a TODDLER vs. SILLY ADULT PERSON – dance. She took two steps forward, two steps back! So I did the same. She giggled. I started a sideways crab walk movement, continuing to hold out the pinwheel towards her – then I’d step back. She mimicked me. She giggled. So we shimmied forward and back, sideways and back till I finally stretched long and forward so she would take the pinwheel. She accepted it with a big smile! Her ‘mommy’ told her to say thank you! It was the funniest thing! I love playing with kids and their shyness…OR WAS SHE PLAYING WITH ME AND MY ADULTNESS?

I had two wonderful attendees at my program. One was named IDA and she was professionally trained as a clown known as CHARITY! We had healthy fun and they took smiley bookmarks to pass around, LAFOLOT pamphlets, LAFOLOT canvas shopping bags, as well as wanted to bring me to their church to do a program or a Full Belly Laughter Club! It was a success!

When I left, I stopped at our local ARBYs. I ordered a small drink and decided to order the cheese sticks. When I got to the window to pay, the guy asked: ‘Did you get your drink yet?’ Well no – so I answered. (this made no sense but I just went with the flow) I had agreed to donate a Dollar to Big Brothers Big Sisters so I was gathering my quarters together. A girl came to the window and asked if I was a motivational speaker? She had seen my LAFOLOT Magnetic advertising panel on the side of my card. I said YES! and gave her a few SMILEY FACE bookmarks (I don’t use business cards). I let her know it would be fun to bring me in for an emloyee meeting, etc. She was excited. Then, the young guy who had asked about the drink gave me my ‘BAG’ with my order. As I pulled forward I reached into the bag and it didn’t feel like cheese sticks. I had been given a roast beef sandwich! HA HA HA – I just continued on home! There was too big a line of cars at the drive thru to go back and I was tired!

I had to drive through the GIANT Food Store parking lot to get to an exit with a traffic light, for ease of getting across the roadway in the opposite direction. I had paid for Shopping Cart advertising at this store for two seasons, but had to stop due to lack of funds. As I stopped at one of the ‘customer crosswalk’ indicators, a mom and her little girl were pushing their cart across the road into the store. The little girl turned and smiled at me. I got a laugh and smile! I saw the cart she was pushing had my LAFOLOT Laughter Wellness big AD on it! I guess they didn’t have an AD to replace it and let mine on the cart from the last season! WHAT A GIFT!

So! Between the little girl toddler who PLAYED with me to get her pinwheel and the little girl showing me that I was getting FREE Advertising – they BOOK-ENDED a perfect evening of healthy laughter, fun and play!


Ha Ha Helen Szollosy of LAFOLOT
Living Life in Amazement!
Live Life! Laugh Often!
…and don’t be afraid to do the crab sidestep with a toddler once in awhile

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Clutter out – prosperity in!
Home & Garden, Spirituality
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It’s been a day of discoveries and surprising prosperity!

I started out the day balancing my checkbook and discovering a $10 subtraction error; then still showing a $21.21 difference in MY favor! This was interesting, because the numbers 12 and 21 have been appearing in my daily transactions a lot, lately!

I then gathered together some books I no longer needed and drove them over to donate to my local library for a book sale they are having in June. Before I drove to the library, I stopped at a business to check in with its owner about a future workshop. I found a note on the door that the owner was at a meeting, but luckily, when I turned around — a person I knew who recently called to refer me to a possible future speaking gig was at the Stop Light near the corner, where I was standing!

I called over a Hullo! and we exchanged a few words, the light changed, and I left smiling at the synchronicity!

I then headed to my favorite Thai Palace restaurant for lunch. I was a little bummed out, because of having left so many magnetic bumper displays there, which get taken, but I never see them on the cars parked at the restaurant. Well — I thought too soon!

I went to sit in a booth and a group of 3 adults and a toddler were sitting in a booth back and to the right of me.

The little girl was fussy and started to cry (which is OK with me, that’s what kids do!). I instantly pulled out one of my ‘REFLECT A SMILE’ popsicle sticks with a little round mirror on the end. I use it to market one of my talks, my smile campaign and my website.

I asked the ‘mom’ if it was okay to give the little girl one? She nodded, okay. When I gave it to the little girl, she was all smiles! I also gave her one of my yellow, Smiley Face bookmarks.

Well what do you think happened? The mom said: ‘ARE YOU THE LAUGHTER PERSON whose advertising is out on the business card board?’ I said ‘Yes!’ She responded how great that was, asked me what I do, and her husband and friend affirmed they’d love to have me come over and host a Laughter Party! I asked them if they minded me talking to them since they were eating, they said no, not at all! They wanted to start having more ‘meaningful’ parties at their home with guest speakers.

I gave them a mini demo of what I do, then I sat down. The little girl’s mom then let me know that she had seen my advertising around the area, at other places, that I was becoming well known to them and that I was almost embedded in her mind! (WHY? was I worried about not seeing my magnetic bumper displays!)

I told her I also teach Good Hearted Living re: Compliments and Kindness. I told her: ‘You made my day! You gave me the gift of a compliment and the kindness to share your appreciation of what I do!’ I said: ‘That is priceless! Thank you!’

We went about finishing our meals and said our goodbyes. I then stopped at my local grocery store. I’m always looking for restrooms and had too much Iced Tea to drink so I ran to unload! ha ha Last time I used this store’s restroom, I found over seventy five cents on the floor! So, when I entered, I exclaimed — ‘I am prosperous!’ I looked down, no money. ha ha

So I went about my shopping. I had been wanting to buy three new litter boxes and had been having trouble locating them at the grocery stores. I also didn’t want to spend a lot of money due to downsizing and being in the middle of saving money for my move to lighten up my expense load. I couldn’t find the litter boxes in the pet supplies aisle. I finally asked the speedy checkout clerk. A young guy in ‘plain clothes’ (not in the store’s uniform) asked what I needed, when the girl I asked wasn’t sure. He took me to the pet aisle and I explained I hadn’t found any there. Then, I looked UP and saw them on a very high place. He announced, here they are; and they’re only 1.97 each! I said, ‘Well! At that price, I can’t pass it up — give me three!’ I then asked if he worked there. He noted he was a night shift employee. I said, ‘Well thank you so much for your help, HERE HAVE A BOOKMARK!’ HA HA

He laughed. I said, ‘I ‘ll let the manager know how helpful you’ve been.’ I said, ‘Sorry I don’t have more than the bookmark to give you!’ He responded, ‘Hey! It’s more than anyone else has given me today!’ We laughed.

I went to the checkout and let the girl know how thrilled I was with his assistance and that the cat litter pans were only $1.97 each! Well! She was on the ball! I didn’t even notice. She stopped me after I self-scanned two of them. They weren’t coming up at $1.97.

To make a long story come to a close (ha ha), she discovered they ‘were’ on sale but for $2.51 bonus buy with the store’s club card — which I had. So, 2 other cashier clerk supervisors later, I ended up getting one cat litter pan for FREE (for my troubles) and the other two at $2.51 each (normally $2.98)! I asked for a customer comment card, and put all their names on the card, giving them credit for their SUPER SERVICE!

So, I guess I was right after all! I AM PROSPEROUS AND WEALTHY! Clear out the emotional and physical clutter and open yourself to the gifts waiting to come your way in Speaking Gigs, discounts and Free Items!

Have a day full of surprising, magical discoveries!
Highlighted Ha Ha Helen Szollosy of LAFOLOT
Live Life! Laugh Often!
Live Life in Amazement!

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A whole new meaning to helmet hair!
Books & Entertainment, Fashion & Beauty
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This is an official Ha Ha Helen of LAFOLOT  ‘NO FAKE – NO KIDDIN’ alert – [have a healthy laugh, or smile – or – if all else fails – firm and tone your skin by sitting in SHOCK as you watch this!]


shouldn’t we believe everything we read on the internet? HA HA

My Official, No Fake, No Kiddin’ video rendition of a ‘GOTTA BE TRUE Facebook alert about alien rays and tin foil helmets…

Gives a NEW meaning to HELMET HAIR!  ;o)

Isn’t it great how WOMEN have a place to STORE items even when they don’t have a pocket handy?  HA HA HA

Helen of LAFOLOT

Live Life! Laugh Often! and STAY SWEET!

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Cookin’ up healthy laughter
Home & Garden
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Let’s get cookin’ with Ha Ha Helen of LAFOLOT by cooking up some Healthy Laughter!

Isn’t THAT the purpose of a kitchen? *grin

Above is the link to my latest HELENOFLAFOLOT BLOG-O-LOT video out on my You Tube channel.

Have a HEALTHY Dose of Laughter with a DASH of Giggle and a pinch of SMILE!

Ha Ha Helen Szollosy of LAFOLOT

Live Life! Laugh Often! and GET COOKIN’ with Healthy Laughter!

Stay Sweet! ;o)

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Caring, female road worker ahead!
Home & Garden
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I headed out to a Coffee House Open MIC night last Wednesday. On the way, I stopped by a local discount store to pick up some potting soil. At the shopping plaza, I saw about 7 baby geese being attended to by 3 adult geese! I thought this odd, since I had heard that geese mate for life. I was wondering if the mate to the new mother had died, and two other geese stepped in to help. Either way, the support and mothering going on for the 7 baby geese was endearing.

As I headed down the road to the Coffee House, I had to pass some ongoing major roadwork construction. There was a huge, 20 feet high crane next to a highway overpass. Traffic was being managed by the usual STOP/SLOW road construction workers. As I approached, I had a SLOW sign being held by the roadworker in front of me. So, I slowed down to let ‘HER’ know I saw it and wouldn’t run her down. Because I had stopped pretty far back, I gradually allowed my vehicle to creep closer to the worker, with plenty of room to spare.

Then, SHE held up 3 fingers and mouthed something to me. It looked like she was saying 3 Minutes and holding up 3 fingers. I appreciate road work managers/sign holders and had no problem with waiting. We had an incident where a local woman was killed due to having a steel highway support beam dropped on her car as she drove under an overpass. I wasn’t in any hurry and was just waiting.

Well, the female roadworker continued to hold up the 3 fingers and mouthed 3 minutes. I started to think there was a concern, so I rolled down my window and poked my head out the window with a questioning look. The female roadworker came over to my window and said: ‘It will just be 3 minutes.’ I said: ‘That’s fine.’ She started to tell me more about why I and the other traffic behind me had to wait. I smiled and said, ‘I’m okay with it, really!’ She said: ‘Well it looked like you were mad.’ I laughed and said: ‘That’s just my face, my mouth turns down at the corners, naturally.’ I said: ‘Don’t read people’s faces, their faces don’t always show what’s going on inside.’ She said: ‘Yes! I have that problem, too! People always think I’m mad!’ I laughed out loud and said ‘Hold on a minute!’ I pulled a SMILEY Face LAFOLOT bookmark out of my purse and handed it to her. She looked at it LAUGHED/SMILED and said: ‘THANKS!’

I had to laugh. If it would have been a man holding that sign, he would have just held the STOP/SLOW sign and not worried.

Put a CARING, NURTURING WOMAN behind the sign and she makes sure the folks in the cars in front of her understand WHY they are being inconvenienced and is concered about THEIR FEELINGS!

I had a nice time at the Coffee House Open MIC night. When I headed back home in the same direction, the same woman was there holding the STOP/SLOW sign. As I S L O W L Y drove by on the opposite side of the road, I rolled my car window down and waved S L O W L Y back and forth so she could see me. My car has LAFOLOT.COM advertising on the side, so she new it was me. She gave me a big SMILE, LAUGH, and a WAVE!

I’m sure she had CARINGLY told her next group of WAIT-EES that it would only be 3 minutes and not to worry!

Interesting ….

Helen Szollosy of LAFOLOT
Live Life! Laugh Often!

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A little kindness goes a long way …
Home & Garden
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The subject of this e-mail is a motto on my website (-when I’m not menopausal and acting like a fruitcake!) ;o)

I got to share my Helen of LAFOLOT Variety Show Singing and Humorist stories at a Mother’s Day event at Country Meadows Senior Living. There were only about 12 to 14 people there. The smaller audience was welcome, since larger audiences can’t always hear the karaoke and microphone combo unit I use.

There was a man named Marty and a woman named Mary sitting side-by-side. No connection, just happened to be sitting next to one another. WELL! They were singing out loud, right along with me! I sing songs from the 20s, 30s, 40s through the present. They know the words better than I do!

At the end, I had a spontaneous thought — I said: ‘I’m going to make t-shirts for the two of you! They’ll say M & on one t-shirt and M on the other!’ Marty and Mary LOVED the idea! They said they would wear the t-shirts and make sure to sit side-by-side if I came back to sing.

I made sure to tell them it would likely take a week, but I’d get the shirts to them. I got their sizes — L and M.

So, I DESIGNED the M&M logo — I made it a little different and with more color. One note: Marty of M&M with dancing musical notes underneath and the other said: Mary of M&M – it was within a red outlined circle with my LAFOLOT logo underneath.

WELL! I drove down and dropped them off this morning. I thought I’d just give them to the Activities Director but there sat a group of seniors waiting for an activity to start. MARTY’S EYES BEEMED! He even got a little teary eyed!


He was soooo moved — he shakily stood up out of his chair — used my hand to steady himself and ASKED if he could thank me with a hug! I thought that was so nice that he ASKED — I said sure!

Then — they told me where Mary’s room was — I encountered Mary in her wheelchair — heading back towards her room. Mary is very hard of hearing — so I bent towards her ear and HOLLERED that I had made her the shirt. She was ECSTATIC! She was so thrilled and couldn’t thank me enough! Mary told me, once again, how much she enjoyed my singing and hoped I would be back soon! WOW!

AW SHUCKS! I did it because I thought it would be a fun idea — and might get me back for more singing! The reaction was PRICELESS! What a GIFT! What more can I say!

Ha Ha Helen Szollosy of LAFOLOT
Live Life! Laugh Often!

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Redeemable for mood boost
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Feeling down, feeling blue? Use a coupon! Menopause, allowing my Condo Board to ‘get to me’, etc., etc., etc.

Been feeling like crap the past few weeks, some of it my own fault due to past dealings with my Condo Board and allowing myself to project even worse reactions from them …

So I go to my local office supply store: Office MAX

I’m excited because I have a “Buy $50 worth and get $15 off!” This was great because my FINICKY printer/scanner was acting up! I had placed a new color cartridge in it a week or so ago and it was now REJECTING it!

Having a tech support background, I just didn’t feel like dealing with it anymore after much troubleshooting.

So, I’m thrilled that EVEN though I have to buy a new color cartridge, at least I’ll save $15! The cheaper brand was out of stock, so I had to buy the HP brand.

Well! I go to the checkout with my $15 off coupon card. The cashier goes to another drawer and pulls another card out to scan. She forgets to scan my $15 off card and doesn’t bother to scan my Office MAX Rewards club card.

Being over 50 and menopausal, I start to get instantly annoyed (good thing I kept myself in check)! She announces the price (without the $15.00 off!) I let her know.

She says: “Oh, I ALWAYS forget to scan those when I put them down.” I kept my mouth shut – thank goodness!

Then, I also say – “You didn’t scan my Office MAX Rewards card!” She responds: “OH! That’s OK, I scanned this other card!” She was very proud of herself.

I said: “Well, how is the store going to know it’s MY rewards card if you scanned another one!” Luckily – I’m still keeping myself in check.


Thank God I hadn’t blown up at her! I’M SUDDENLY THRILLED!

WHAT A MOOD SHIFT! WOW! WAS THAT COUPON CARD POWERFUL! In the moment it took to swipe the bonus card, my Condo Board Problems went FLYING OUT my head and the $25 SAVINGS I was going to receive gave me an instant: ENDORPHIN BOOST!

I was all smiles when I left the store and got very productive when I arrived back home to my office!

So, feeling down, feeling blue SEE WHAT A COUPON CAN DO FOR YOU!

Helen Szollosy of LAFOLOT

Live Life! Laugh Often! and hold on to those coupons!

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Take a load off and get a boost!
Healthy Living
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Having had the wonderful opportunity to become a Certified Laughter Leader; I learned of the many health benefits of Laughter Wellness. The one that I’m talking about in this blog is: Extended/prolonged laughter ‘LIBERATES INTERLEUKIN-2 AND OTHER IMMUNIE BOOSTERS.’ Basically, it’s like the high you get from jogging or the relaxation you get from basic exercise done on a regular basis.

Having had the wonderful opportunity in life to take advantage of mental and emotional health services, I learned so many wonderful TOOLS for staying on track and staying healthy! One of those tools is journaling. I enjoy reading a regular article written by Dr. James Rouse (naturopathic physician) in a monthly periodical I receive. I was THRILLED to discover the wonderful health benefits of JOURNALING!

Dr. Rouse notes: ‘Taking as little as thirty minutes on four consecutive days to write about emotional topics helped raise the IMMUNE-BOOSTING LYMPHOCYTE count in chronically ill patients. This powerful study, published in the peer-reviewed journal Psychosomatic Medicine, may help to illustrate how holding toxic emotions inside ourselves can breed desease.’

So, when you are worrying, obsessing, out of focus due to run on thoughts or just plain sluggish, depressed, ‘in a blue mood’ GOING MENOPAUSAL, etc


Basically – TAKE A LOAD OFF!

We get our physical household trash picked up weekly;
We separate the ISSUES, I mean plastics, paper, biodegradable trash –

Why not take a daily or weekly RECYCLING – TRASH THOUGHT ORGANIZING few moments to TAKE THAT LOAD off and make room for the next round of thoughts and activities that is waiting to CYCLE or RECYLCLE through your mind.


…have a New or Creative thought!
(recycle as needed)

This has been a Highlighted Ha Ha Helen Szollosy of LAFOLOT ‘non-medical/unofficial – just some thoughts’ blog moment.

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Moms, Grandmoms and breathing
Family & Relationships
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Whenever I present one of my ‘Laughter? Let’s Get Serious!’ health, wellness and silliness programs – I get to mention my mother and grandmother!

I make ‘I Love to LAFOLOT, Live Life! Laugh Often! cheering flags that I give to all the attendees. I then tell them:

‘Whenever we ask my mom how she is doing, she responds I’M BREATHING!’  … that gets a chuckle. I then say, ‘Well, just think – if you’re breathing, you’re having a GREAT DAY!’  I then have them give themselves a big HOOT and HOLLER Cheer, waving and cheering with the flags just because:

1) they are breathing, as my mom says is something to be grateful about and

2) JUST BECAUSE YOU’RE YOU!  I use a person’s name to do a cheer – spell it out loudly and wave the flag announcing:  YEAH!  YOU’RE YOU!  WOO HOOOO!    I let them know they can use the cheering flag when they get up in the morning, stand in front of a mirror and give themselves a BIG CHEER – waving the flag – cheering  YEAH! YOU’RE YOU! HOW GREAT!

Then, I talk about my Grandmother Gizella Moha (who was a brave soul to come to America at the age of 19 – one half sister ending up in Uruguay, another in New Jersey.  I tell them they can learn to pronounce my last name by saying it with HUNGARIAN VIGOR the way Grandma Gizella would have. I demonstrate, and they ALL DO IT WITH ME – with the low voice, shoulder shrug and announce:   SEU-LEU-SHEE! 

So I honor my mom and grandmom in my programs which brings wisdom and laughter.   I made a You Tube video called:  Ilonka Sings  – I use my grandmother’s broken English accent and some of her quotes.  My family is from STRONG HUNGARIAN STOCK as they say – hard working, creative, giving and musical. 

Here’s to Living Life! Laughing Often! reaching forgiveness and honoring our elders –

Ha Ha Helen Szollosy of LAFOLOT

Living la vita American-Hungarian!  ;o)

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If the bra fits and other lies we were told
Fashion & Beauty
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elizabeth: I know this will be our first blog with more male readers than women because I threw the word “bra” into the headline. And now I am not sure if I want to talk about bras. These annoying mammary mashers in the front and those “back fat” strappy devices can turn me from a nice, genteel woman into a close relative of Joan Crawford, only I am on a crack cocaine drip and sleep deprived. And these things have been around since about 2000 BC. Granted, they were a slightly different model – the “let it all hang out” brasserie would never work today. Too many men in the emergency room with whiplash and there goes our new health care plan.

Laurie: Could we go back to you being a genteel woman for a minute?

elizabeth: We have the late Jessica Smith to thank for the modern day version. Her breasts were so big that her husband decided that he was too busy to hold them up for her all day so this poor woman had to come up with some pulley device to hold her girls in place. I am just glad that they are both dead. Although I wouldn’t mind digging up their graves and throwing dirt at them. I just got new ones and they felt just fine. I am now ready to move my living room furniture into the store’s dressing room because that was the last time I felt like I was not being strangled to death. I am planning on going into the store and stoning the bra fitter.

Laurie: I am assuming that by new “ones” we are referring to bras, not breasts. A genteel woman with brand new fake breasts would be a bit hypocritical, don’t you think?

elizabeth: I got a beef with bleach. Why doesn’t it work like they say it will? I come from over 20 years in the advertising field so I know about lying. I got out of the field because the guilt was too much. Mothers of small children pointed their fingers at me and I was denied housing because I sold people on buying everything that Bloomingdale’s offered. So now bleach doesn’t work for me. Three white tee shirts showed up one day with food stains on the front. I have no idea how that happened. Threw them into the washing machine with bleach and now I have three white shirts that look like I have the Shroud of Turin on them. I will be touring with them this summer.

Laurie: Thanks heavens we are off breasts, but unfortunately I have to bring us right back to the upfront subject. Perhaps your new breasts are serving as a mantle for any food dropped from your mouth? I find that happens and I don’t even have a big bosom. I would highly recommend that you never leave home without a Tide pen because that little sucker actually does work. Walk around telling people they have a spot on their boobs and offer them the pen and you have a friend for life. Don’t actually point to the spot or touch it; that could stir up a whole bunch of other problems.

elizabeth: My new slogan for a stress free life: Once you wear black, you never go back.

Laurie: Unless you are eating white food. Do you believe we did an entire blog about breasts and bleach? Talent running rampant here.

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Can immodesty lead to earthquakes? What are you smoking?
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Laurie: Earthquakes seem to be occurring every week or so and in devastating intensity. Yes, Al Gore will attribute this to Global Warming, but I believe Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi has uncovered the real culprit — Slutty Women. The Iranian cleric has said – and I quote because I don’t want to be credited with this brilliance — “Many women who do not dress modestly…lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society, which increases earthquakes.” Mystery solved. The solution: “Take refuge in religion.”

Once again, men act badly and women get blamed. One of our loyal readers pointed out that there is no lack of names for promiscuous women (‘ho, slut, tramp, trollop, slattern, working girl, corner hugger, and on and on and on). Now when it comes to the other gender, a gigolo is a savvy business man, an old guy with a young chick on his arm is a greatly-envied cradle robber, and a guy who can claim the status of Baby Daddy with over seven women is just “being a guy.”

elizabeth: This is from a man whose president won’t wear a tie as a way to not look “western.” So I wonder if this cleric was standing on a fault line when he gave this Fashion Do’s and Don’ts talk to his people. Don’t want to look like you are from New Jersey, eh? And so this scientific theory of his comes from the less dressed the women, the more potent the earthquake? I must admit looking at Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi does not make the earth move for me. I think his theory might fall under Stupid Animal Tricks.

Laurie: Now there could be several reasons why Sedighi reached this earth-shaking (pun intended) conclusion. He could be pissed about being stuck with the name Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi. I would be. Or maybe he read our blog about Prom Sluts and the dresses of material nakedness drove him over the edge. Or maybe he’s afraid that young boys and sheep are being ignored in his country. Whatever the source, we would like to ask the esteemed cleric to consider that if young men are asked to strap bombs on their bodies and look forward to 72 virgins in the after-world, then “astray” might just be the way to go.

elizabeth: I have to say that I am floored when some religious leaders talk disparagingly about how women dress but show no regard to “covered up to here” women when they are blown up with their children because some misguided follower feels it’s time to get down and party with 72 virgins. Trust me, these virgins are saving themselves for someone who is just a tad saner and doesn’t smell like sheep. Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi — can you spell Eyjafjallajokull? I am sure this volcano erupted because some woman was wearing shorts? I think the producers from Letterman’s show will be calling you soon. You could use the stage name Bob Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi. Nobody in SAG is using it.

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Family & Relationships
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I had the pleasure of being sat in a dining area filled with over 20 chirping cheerleaders, yesterday!

I like going out to eat on my own, which allows me to be open to meeting new people, and getting involved in interesting discussions. The Olive Garden Restaurant where I dine, has a complex design with 3 more intimate dining rooms vs the open seating area. I’ve been sat in one of those rooms, when it has been totally quiet, with just me BEing there. I’ve loved it because of the wide-high windows with the flowering trees outside. It’s fun to watch the birds fly in and out of the trees doing their ‘bird stuff’.

Well, yesterday, when I got sat in one of those dining areas, there was a couple at the table to my right and 20 or more beautiful young women excitedly talking about LIFE! I smiled as I started to review the menu. I had to look over at the couple to my right and smile – they smiled back. The room sounded FULL of CHIRPING BIRDS! I LOVED IT! It was abuzz with excited chatter!

It was wonderful to be amidst the beautiful, high energy of youth! I was so thrilled to be able to recognize that and soak it up! Around age 49, I had a big ‘Ah HA!’ moment which allowed me to let go of my fear of bears, spiders and other insects. I can now allow a bee to walk on my hand or face; explore this ‘interesting find’ and then buzz away without feeling threatened.

As a result, I was able to sit amidst the BUZZ of chatter from these lovely souls! I had to get up and walk over to the couple’s table and joke, ‘IT SOUNDS LIKE A BUNCH OF CHIRPING BIRDS!’ They nodded in agreement as they laughed.

Then, a wonderful thing happened; one of the girls a couple tables away LAUGHED OUT LOUD! It was so loud she actually followed with a giggle and put her hand over her mouth. It had FILLED the room! Well! I WAS GOING TO HAVE NONE OF THAT!

I quickly pulled an ‘appropriate’ LAFOLOT Smiley Face/Postive Statement bookmark out of my purse; jumped up out of my seat with a sly grin and ran it over to give to the girl. She looked up questioningly and accepted the bookmark with her friends looking on.

‘What does it say?’ they excitedly asked as I hurried back to my seat with my smile on my face. ‘YOU’VE GOT A GREAT LAUGH!’ the young woman announced! They smiled and laughed with her. Then, a wonderful thing happened; another girl at a table farther back LAUGHED OUT LOUD! Well! I dutifully jumped up out of my seat and ran a bookmark over to her! She smiled with pride as she graciously accepted the reward!

There was an adult woman with the Chirping Birds, so I quickly introduced myself and gave her one of my cards so she could feel safe knowing who had sprung into her flock of twittering birds, for whom she was responsible. She thanked me a couple times.
A couple other young women politely asked for a Smiley Bookmark, then we resumed our previous positions.

So often, young women are told to: SIT, LOOK PRETTY, DON’T WRINKLE YOUR DRESS, AND SPEAK SOFTLY. This type of behavior is carried into womanhood, into higher education, into the workplace and into their roles in relationships. Have we forgotten the song by Helen Reddy: ‘I am woman hear me roar, see me standing ‘cross the floor…’?

I am not into ROARING, but I AM into letting young women know it is OK TO LAUGH OUT LOUD! It’s OK to have a great idea and share it BOLDLY! It’s OK to EXPRESS your soul’s purpose that is yearning to get out and present itself to the world!

So to ALL the beautiful, spirited CHIRPING, BUZZING, LAUGHING OUT LOUD birds (I mean young women) out there in the world: LAUGH OUT LOUD and there’s no need to cover your mouth and shush, afterwards! Associate and mingle with Peers who embrace your passionate ideas; and SOAR TO THE SKY LIKE A BIRD spreading your ideas and laughter like SEEDS spread around by bustling chirping birds.


Ha Ha Helen of LAFOLOT
Living in AWE of it ALL! Living Life in A-MAZE-Ment!
Live Life! Laugh Often!

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