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It’s the THOUGHT that counts.
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Years ago, I had an AH HA, I get it – moment. I finally realized the VALUE and WEIGHT of the phrase: ‘It’s the THOUGHT that counts.’

As a child, there can be disappointments during Holidays with rituals of Gift Giving. Those Holidays may have started out with deeping meanings, but became more commercialized – even birthday and anniversary celebration gift giving.

As we get older, some of our friends move away, some of our family start to pass on – more and more we see the value of ‘BEING THOUGHT OF.’

That’s how I came to TRULY UNDERSTAND that phrase – ‘It’s the THOUGHT that counts’.

Think about it. To TRULY be HELD/EMBRACED in someone else’s thought in a warm way. What a GIFT! To know that with all the business and business dealing going on in other people’s days – for that person to have HELD ‘YOU!’ – YES YOU! in their thought for that moment – PRICELESS!

Wheather they bought you a stick of gum, a tacky pair of shoes you’ll never wear, some clothing item that doesn’t fit and ‘isn’t really you’… YOU were THOUGHT of!

*sigh – what a beautiful phrase – IT’S THE THOUGHT, that COUNTS.

May you BE and FEEL thought of in a warm, embraced way – and if you feel you have no one doing this for you – considered yourself thought of by ME as you read this.

Thinking and feeling warm embracing thoughts for everyone in the world –
Highlighted Helen of LAFOLOT

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My Tribute to a Laughing Buddy, Helen D.
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This is a TRIBUTE to a Healthy Happy Hour Laughter Club attendee.
I held a ‘Healthy Happy Hour’ Laughter Club at a local, highrise retirement apartment building.
It was a wonderful location, but I couldn’t get regular attendance. The last three months I held the club – my main attendee was HELEN D.

Helen D. was about 96 years old,
She had a wonderful, scratchy, high-pitched voice – which happens as we age.

I LOVED LOVED LOVED that Helen D. would show up and she didn’t mind if it was just us laughing together!
I said to her: I find it amazing, that the people that show up regularly at my laughter programs at Senior Centers are those over the age of 90! I said: THAT says something for laughter and longevity!

She agreed.

Well! Of all places, I ran into two women that also lived at her apartment building 2 days ago. It was at the DOLLARTREE store where I get supplies – a FUN PLACE. So it was APPROPRIATE that I should hear about my LAUGHING friend Helen D. when I went there.

Evidently, Helen D. had to have the last laugh!
Helen died in her apartment on THE FOURTH OF JULY (Independence Day!)
I’m sure Helen D., sparkling eyes, laughter and smiles is thrilled that

SHE GOT TO GO OUT WITH A BANG! I think her spirit flew to the heavens with all the Fireworks displays going on and she was LAUGHING WITH GLEE!

I miss her greatly, but just thinking of her brings smiles and laughter to my heart and soul!


Just like you to have the last laugh and GO OUT WITH A BANG!

Live Life! Laugh Often! and maybe you’ll live to the ripe age of 96!
Ha Ha Helen Szollosy of LAFOLOT
Living Life! and Laughing Often!
Next time you see fireworks – think of Helen D – laughing freely!

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DRIVE YOURSELF HAPPY! ‘Dad’s License Plate Game’
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WOW! I just LOVE ‘Magical Synchronicity’!

It is a HOT, HUMID, MUGGY 90 degrees fahrenheit outside today! One of those oppressive type days! Sun beating down relentlessly! The kind that makes you grateful to have air conditioning, shelter, etc.

So, by now, you can imagine how I was feeling when I left a restaurant and was walking back out to my car, thinking “OH MY GOSH! I’M GOING TO PASS OUT! THIS HEAT IS SOMETHING ELSE!” I am grateful to have air conditioning in my car as well as to have a car. I start driving down the road after making a second stop at the grocery store – the heat/sun was beating through the windshield. I look at the license plate on the vehicle in front of me:


I laughed out loud! My sentiments, exactly! I was finally able to RELEASE a LAUGH about the weather!
What synchronicity! What Magic! Some ANGEL or FLUKE put that license plate in front of me to express what I was holding in about the weather! OH! ME! OH! MY!

Then, a car drives by in the lane on my left and I see the license plate:


I think, God, the Universe, Spirit, Angels, who knows – were REALLY starting to mess with me! I laughed out loud!


Then, I got another laugh and smile, remembering how my dad used to make words out of interesting license plates he would see while driving. This was WAY before PERSONALIZED license plates got popular!

I recall him saying, when were behind a car with the letters: BMN (BE MINE! he announced out loud while driving!)

So, in all this heat and humidity, I once again was reminded how to: DRIVE MYSELF HAPPY!

You can read more about my new DRIVE YOURSELF HAPPY! Campaign at my website.

Too HOT? Too much traffic? Too agitated about life’s challenges while driving?

Turn off your cell phone, focus on the road, and SEE HOW MANY FUN WORDS you can make out of the license plates driving by you!

Stay Sweet!
Ha Ha Helen Szollosy of LAFOLOT
Live Life! Laugh Often!

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Letting Go LITELY
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I have been having a lot of people share with me lately:

1) I was sitting at a funeral for my mother. They started to play a church song that my mom, disliked. They reached one particular line that she especially hated – I BURST OUT LAUGHING!

2) I was in a very serious situation, I had not been dealing with it well, it’s not a situation where you would normally laugh; and I BURST OUT LAUGHING!

3) I was working on a mechanical problem, lying flat on my face, trying to unscrew a difficult nut and bolt and, suddenly, I BURST OUT LAUGHING UNCONROLLABLY!

As a trained, certified laughter leader – I am required to keep abreast of new studies on laughter and smiling benefits and impacts on the body and mind. I also do a lot of my own observations and testing when I am out and about in public. When I give my laughter wellness talks or motivational-inspirational speaking, I share information and experiences people have shared with me.

When my father was dying, I was blessed with being with him at his last coule breaths. I was also blessed to be from a large family. My mother or other siblings would be with him, at the hospital, during the day; then I would come in the evening. My dad LOVED to joke around, clown around, with kids as well as adults. He had his standard set of jokes. When a non-denominational minister came into intensive care to visit, she started out serious and my dad made a joke. She was so focused on the ‘Here’s a dying man with a family member, I better show respect…’ she didn’t realized he had joked with her. I let her know he was joking. She stopped and looked at me. I said, my dad loves to joke around, and I smiled. ‘WELL THEN, SHE SAID! I CAN STAY RIGHT IN THERE WITH THE BEST OF THEM!’ The rest of her visit was LITE and FLUFFY and my dad had a smile on his face at the end of her visit, giving her a thank you.

When my dad passed on, I went to tell the nurses. They were ready to console me. I said, ‘Oh No! I’m great! It was wonderful to be here, see him let go so peacefully.’ We started to talk about a funny fishing story where my dad had put a safety pin on the end of a string so I could FISH at the canal near our home. We were laughing out loud when my mother arrived. She was also at peace that he had been able to let go and pass on peacefully.

EVERYONE GRIEVES and LETS GO of their own life and of their loved one’s lives in a different way.

I have had more and more people tell me how they laugh and smile when they MISS and GRIEVE their loved ones. I have a minister friend tell me a woman said to her: ‘IF YOU’RE HERE TO HELP ME DIE, DON’T LET THE DOOR HIT YOU IN THE A** ON THE WAY OUT! IF YOU’RE HERE TO HELP ME ENJOY LIFE WHILE I’M STILL BREATHING, COME ON IN AND PULL UP A CHAIR!’

I had a representative of a Hospice, at a networking event, tell me yesterday (when I was at the event wearing my tinsel deely bobber headband): ‘YOU CAN’T WEAR THOSE AT THE HOSPICE!’ I was instantly shocked. I told her the story I noted above.

I respect everyone’s wishes and beliefs in grieving. Everyone’s wishes and beliefs are different and personal. I know MANY people that would be THRILLED to have me show up wearing Tinsel Deely Bobber Headbands if they were wanting to LET GO LITELY!

I heard of a family who lost their mentally/physically disabled son. They had a PARTY with BALLOONS at his viewing! Why? Because he LOVED PARTIES and BALLOONS! I wore PINK to a friend’s husbands funeral. He was a FUN LOVING FAMILY MAN and HUSBAND! He was KIND and CARING and FULL OF LIFE! He knew how to make you feel better when you were down, just by a kind word. I celebrated his LITENESS by wearing a LITE, BRIGHT COLOR to his funeral.

As for me – I want to LET GO LITELY and be seen with a SMILE on my face as I’m going to my next exciting adventure!

It’s OKAY to LAUGH at a funeral. Laughter isn’t all about responding to a joke. It’s OKAY to SMILE at a funeral. I tell people all the time – GRIEVING sometimes gets STUCK inside your body. Sometimes – planting a SMILE on your face or OPENING your MOUTH and LAUGHING allows the STUCK GRIEVING FEELINGS to SPILL OUT! I have had this happen to me on many occassions. When I feel STUCK – I open my mouth in a grin and sometimes start a tone to help my body let out, whatever it needs to process. Some cultures call this WHALING. It’s a healthy thing, to LET IT OUT and LET IT GO LITELY.

It may not be for everyone, but for those that wish – it should be allowed.

One of my favorite writings is by S.H. Payer: ‘Live each day to the fullest… be yourself, but be your best self… look forward with confidence and back without regrets…’

Another writer I like is: Don Miguel Ortiz who notes: Each day do you best. Each day your best is different, based on how you are feeling. So there are no regrets, because you are always doing your best.

If you need to LAUGH, laugh. If you need to CRY, cry. If you need to make a crack in your face with a smile to start a process, do it. No regrets – it’s your way of processing your feelings.

LIVE LIFE! LAUGH OFTEN! until your breath stops –
May you live till you LET GO LITELY with a smile on your face –
May you have the chance to make all your amends, forgive freely and know that you have done your best – and when you are ready to LET GO – LET GO LIGHTLY in the brightest of light with that smile emanating even after your spirit has left your body.

…with peace and a smile Ha Ha Helen Szollosy of LAFOLOT
Live Life in A-MAZE-MENT and make them wonder WHY you were smiling when you left.

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Bet you don’t have a Hallmark card for this one
Family & Relationships
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Laurie: Last year on my birthday my seventeen-year-old nephew killed himself. I’m sure he really didn’t consider that he would be altering my birthday for the rest of my life, but of course that’s what happened. And even worse, his step-mother was born on the same day as I was. Finding a card for this occasion is going to be damn near impossible. No one has a clue what was in the head of this handsome, popular, getting-ready-for-college, Soccer superstar with two girlfriends. And try as I might, I can’t find any redeeming lessons from this one. Just sadness that will always linger and a multitude of lives that changed forever on that day.

elizabeth: Scientists say that when people decide to end their lives that a part of the brain shuts down and another part takes over. I believe that. Because if people knew how their untimely and violent deaths would impact the lives of others, they would be horrified that they ever consider suicide as an option. The only way I can deal with the people I loved that ended their own lives is the belief that the world was just too hard for them — that they were too fragile a soul to stay any longer. It sounded like your nephew had everything to live for and that is what makes it seem all the more heartbreaking is that he would end a promising future. But we really don’t know what goes on in a person’s heart and soul. Our pain may be manageable. Theirs just wasn’t.

Laurie: I have a burning need to have things make sense. Surely there must be a lesson to be learned, a message of guidance, an omen, a warning, something. In my younger days I took solace in the fact that I was gleaning information and wisdom through unexplainable events that would eventually reveal itself. And as I get older, I realize that I have more questions than answers. I am almost resolved that this is the way it is but I still burn for explanations and a sense of order. I need to feel that all is right with the Universe. So I make peace with the unfathomable reality by assuring myself that when I die there will be a big answer board in the sky. I’ll send you a sign to let you know if I was right.

elizabeth: I think one answer is that we have no choice but to go on, forgive the person and try on the new normal. When people asked how I survived a near fatal car accident, when my friend was asked how she could survive the death of her 12 year old, and when my friend’s partner died of AIDS and was asked how can he go on — our answer was simply — what is the alternative?

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