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Boy, Could He Sing

From my grandfather I learned to hear music, not just listen to it – and I also learned to be physically unnerved by songs sung out of tune, flat, sharp, or just plain badly.read more »

Why “Hope Springs” is Hot

Watching two people who are impossibly beautiful having choregraphed sex is pretty fabulous. That’s easy. Sexy at my age? More difficult. To watch two fifty-somethings doing it and find that sexy is quite an accomplishment. That’s what’s so great about “Hope Springs.”read more »

Necklaces – I’m a Little Bit Obsessed

My shopping obsession is necklaces. Fun, colorful costume jewelry. I hunt for bargains and sales and discounts. I love finding things that look expensive but really aren’t!read more »

The New York Times Meh List – a Weekly Bit of Amusement

This got me thinking about what I would include on my personal meh list. There’s so much to choose from…but I will share with you some of my top picks for currently meh things.read more »

Can Stay-at-Home Moms be Feminists?

Ms. Wurtzel has taken the tenet of feminism and reduced it to one thing and one thing only – an income. read more »

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Response to: Are You A Bad Guest????

Response to: letting go of children

Response to: Necklaces - I'm a Little Bit Obsessed

Response to: Necklaces - I'm a Little Bit Obsessed

Response to: Why "Hope Springs" is Hot