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A gift to myself: I wrote a letter forgiving my ex

"I wrote a letter to my ex – of course not one to be mailed. Just for me. Forgiving my ex. Spelling out in written terms what I needed to forgive him for, and why." ~ LucyBHoffmannread more »

Don’t run from negative feelings

It’s so easy to want to run from negative feelings. But those are the ones that can probably teach you more." ~ Phyllis Therouxread more »

When 50+ couples move in together – how to merge households and stay sane and in love

At our age, merging households with a significant other can be especially challenging. How do you handle sharing your space with someone every day, after living alone for years?read more »

How do we love today?

Have you heard yourself use the word “love” in circumstances you hadn’t before? How has the meaning of the word "love" changed for you?read more »

Getting published is not a matter of talent

"Some people don’t think creative writing can be taught. I entirely disagree with that." ~ Sena Jeter Naslundread more »

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