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I'm a 52 yr old marketing professional.  Divorced, no children (I got the cat). Am healthy and blessed; with a warm bed to sleep in and a pantry full of food.  Gregarious; well-traveled and well-read; intelligent and warm of heart.  Very giving and caring.  Loving this website!

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my VN interview

How did you get to where you are now?

Life propelled me.  Sometimes a good wind, sometimes not.  But I'm here, alive and kicking!

How do you see yourself differently now than you did 10 years ago?

Life is even MORE precious.  Ten years ago, I thought 52 was old.  The term "senior citizen" belonged to old Mrs. Selby from next door.  Now, I'm old Mrs. Selby! 

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I'd like to be in a healthy relationship; a good career; possibly my own business...with a better martini shaker!

a postcard to my younger self

Stay in school! Cut the losers and cut your losses.  Travel abroad; learn a second and third language.  Wear more thongs!!

my role models

My sister, my best friend, who fought the fight of her life against breast cancer and lost - - but who taught me about patience, grace and dignity no matter what you're facing or where you are in life. 

my posts

Online Dating…is this what it’s come to?

Ladies, I would love your input on this one! I connected with a wonderful man online. Wealthy, charming and he could form an intelligent conversation, lol. Anyway, our 1st conversation went extremely…

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Love life, libido and 2 new kittens

What a combination, right? Well, ladies.  I’m a 52-year professional; divorced, attractive; no children.  Just acquired 2 new kittens (this will all connect in a minute).  I owe, I owe, and off to…

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High waist – help!

I am a tall, plus-sized lady, size 16.  My waist is high and I find myself constantly adjusting my pants – - wanting to pull them downward and my waist wants them…

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Cougar Syndrome…

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Mid-Section Blues

Ok, now that I’ve said it…what to do about them at 52 years of age?  Any suggestions?

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my comments

Response to: How to Make Friends in Middle-Age

Response to: Seeing Oprah crying at Whitney's funeral

Response to: How to Make Friends in Middle-Age

Response to: How to Make Friends in Middle-Age

Response to: How to Make Friends in Middle-Age