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anti wrinkle face cream: drug store products work as well as more expensive brands

Anti wrinkle face cream – they nourish dry skin, smooth out fine lines, and the best ones plump up wrinkle. There are hundreds of choices to choose from and most claim to be the best. But with so many choices how can women pick what's best and maybe save a few bucks?

Is there any difference in the average priced product and a fancy high-priced anti wrinkle face cream?  Most dermatologists say there's not.  Similar ingredients can be found in the expensive anti wrinkle face cream and a less expensive one found on drug store shelves. 

The truth is that most of the active ingredients in expensive anti wrinkle face cream match those found in the drugstore.  The extra costs are in the inactive ingredients. What you are normally paying top dollar for is pretty packaging, color and fragrance. 

Reporter Arielle Clay of WBRC interviewed Birmingham dermatologist Dr. Stacy Haynes, who said that there are three drugstore brands that she recommends. 

"Neutrogena tends to do really well because of the quality of it," Dr. Haynes said.  "It's light.  It's sheer.  It goes on very well it's smooth." Haynes recommends Neutrogena's Fresh Foaming Cleanser and Healthy Skin Face Lotion.

"They have a sunscreen already built in it," Dr. Haynes said.  "You can get a 12 or a SPF of 15 which is what we all need."

According to Dr. Haynes, Neutrogena works best for people with normal skin types.  For those with more sensitivity and dryness she suggests Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser and Moisturizing Cream. Dr. Haynes says the cleanser doesn't lather like normal soap but still has cleaning powers.

For people looking for affordable anti wrinkle face cream solutions, Dr. Haynes suggests Oil Of Olay.

"Especially the Regenerist," she said. "In our office we offer a lot of pentapeptides.  They get in the skin and plump up the skin.  Guess what the Regenerist has in it?  Pentapeptides!"

Another way to save money on anti wrinkle face cream is to buy generic and store brands.  Like the more costly creams, most store brands will have similar active ingredients,  but may have less extras when it comes to the inactive ingredients.

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