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Adult Stepchildren Become Greedy Nightmare After Death Of Their Father

Hello, my ex-husband was my best friend. We divorced in 2002 because he did not want me implicated in tax difficulties dating back many years. We remained very close and continued to work and live together until he developed cancer for a second time.

I'm grieving deeply for this man.His grown chiildren (43 and 47) have become a nightmare of avarice and greed. While their dad lay dying in hospice with me by his side, they ransacked our home and stole everything, I mean everything. All my life I've been very generous with these people. I cannot afford a lawyer as I have a disability and my income is now quite low. It hasn't always been this way; I was healthy and vital when the adult kids were young, and we had a lovely family life. Now the "kids" won't speak to me. The elder of the 2 has threatened to blow my face off with a shotgun. I have reported him, of course. He's a human time bomb.

The things that they took include our wedding gifts, hundreds of first edition books, antique Scottish bedroom furniture that I had shipped from Edinburgh at great expense, paintings, my wedding china, my mother's wedding china, rare textiles, everything you can imagine. I don't know if they've sold it or what they've done with it. No one will give me the same answer twice, and now there is no communication at all. Yes, they are "just things" but they are MY things, and this is the worst violation I have ever experienced.

I simply don't know what to do. I realize I must speak with a lawyer, but what kind of lawyer? I've never had a legal wrangle in my life. The antique china and textiles that they stole are my means of making a living. I buy and sell antiques, appraise them, and sell them. Their dad and I did this for years. Can anyone suggest anything I might be able to do to find out if my belongings still exist? And where they might be? I'm sick at heart, not just because of material goods, but that these people who supposedly loved me would commit such an act of betrayal.

My ex did not have a will, he died so fast, and quite honestly I never dreamt that his kids would plunder our belongings. Any words of advice would be deeply appreciated. Thank you.


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