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A too close relationship w/his sister

i have a very dear friend who tells me her husband and his sister are so close is not normal.  He calls his sister in the morning, afternoon and then goes to her house for midday coffee.  She feels that as his wife, he should be spending more time w/her.  But she is working and her husband's shop is closed by his sisters' house. 

Apparently when this man was about 8 his mother died and his sister who was 12 raised them all.  In essence she took over the cooking, cleaning, etc that the mother used to do.  He loves his sister dearly and feels there is nothing wrong with loving his sister.  His wife, my friend, says that is not comfortable w/it and has not been in years.

Finally all this came out while we were having lunch and i said, "at our age i feel that we should do whatever makes us happy, if being attentive to his sister makes him happy, then let it be, life is too short, there are worse things in life".   The sister is always at the group gatherings and any outings they have w/other friends, she invites herself or he invites her. 

Should my friend just let it be?  I think so, there is nothing wrong with loving your sister.  It is not "weird" love, it is really sister/brother love.  So what's the problem?  She says it is the intensity of it and the amount of time they enjoy w/each other.

What do u guys think?  I  told her i was going to post this and ask for advice.




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