Stuff and Emotional baggage

I wrote a couple of days ago about how I am purging my closets. I was on kind of an emotional high there for awhile. Jettisoning unwanted, unneeded stuff was exhilarating. My closets and drawers for clothes, makeup, linens (yes, I got rid of frayeread more »

name for partner

I never know what to call my “boyfriend” when speaking about him to strangers.  Just today I had this quandary at my car dealer.  We are in our late 60s, and have lived together for 5 years.  Boyfriend sounds juvenile.  Partner soread more »

Diverticulosis…Anyone have this?

I am amazlingly healthy at 68, but have diverticulosis/lisis……..it rarely flares up, but omigosh…….from 4 a.m. until late evening…..pain every few minutes, just like labor; pills they gave me don’t work, so I orread more »

How do I start

I moved to Phoenix 20 years ago; during that time I made a  lot of different friends,. Since then most have moved on,not sure why but I’d really like to start up again, read more »

Torn between two daughters…

I am single and want to buy a house. I’m struggling about where to buy -  Mpls, MN area where I currently live or northern WI.  Should I buy in the area where I raised my 19 y/o daughter who is planning to move to CA but will prob return wread more »

Single? Sexual? Be safe

Recently, a friend and her sister visited a retirement community in our neighborhood. They chatted up several residents, including the sweet, 90-year-old widower who’d lost his beloved wife some months before. When they turned to leave, he askedread more »

ex got married three months after divorce of 30 years

I’m new to VN as I was divorced in October after a 30 year marriage from when I was just 19.  My ex was cheating on me with our neighbor and now I found out he married her less than 3 months after our divorce.  I can’t get him out ofread more »

A Piece of the Action

The other day I was reading an article on the subject of Earthing. Earthing is, essentially, walking barefoot on the ground. It is thought that when you do this, it  sends electrons through the body, which helps to optimize the immune system, relread more »

The Webs we Weave and Non Compete Agreements

Little did I know but there was a real shake up at the apartment complex where I live.   The manager found another job and took the assistant manager with her. The assistant manager told me not to tell anyone (which is fine withread more »

Depressed ? Son— how do I help? Hot Conversation

My son, 23, graduated from University in Dec 2014. For the past two years he developed an online part time business which generated a pretty decent income for a college kid. He is trying to parlay this into a full time career. He as developed terread more »