son’s wedding

My son and I have been estranged for about 6 years. Now he’s getting married in February. I have no clue if he will invite me or anyone else on my side of the family. My parents are 83 and I don’t know what to do; this has hurt them enread more »

Why Can’t I Lose Weight??? Part 2: 5 Ways to Keep Insulin in Check and Blood Sugar Balanced

In last week’s tip, I covered the importance of managing cortisol when it comes to weight loss in (peri)menopause. This week, we’ll take a look at another hormone that’s also major player when it comes to menopausal weight gain.read more »

Dark under eye circles

I have ALWAYS had dark circles under my eyes. As most of us know, as we age, these get even more pronounced. I’ve wasted soooo much time and money trying to either cover or get rid of them!!! Make up (which I would rather not use…) oread more »

why can’t I FIND A JOB

I was made redundant nearly 4 years ago working as a receptionist for a world wide company for 3 years.  I became ill with a thyroid and battled for over 2 years with it before having it destroyed with radiation treatment.  I am 55, my husband wread more »

Spending time with ourselves

Let’s talk about one of the great truths in life: we are the best company. Of course, we are! Unfortunately, women tend to forget this and proceed to be always surrounded by friends, family, co-workers. There is time in our lives for each and evread more »


Yes…I got fitted with a pessary today to counteract internal failings.  Things feel better and I do think I may be able to get back to exercising without the feeling that I am going to lose organs out my hoo-ha; but, I have been ‘leakread more »


indigestion   0 likeread more »

Second career

I am 51 and a Real Estate Agent.My husband and I own a Towing Business.We found out 18 months ago my husband has stage 4 Colon cancer.I want to train for a new career that will not be commission based.I have thought about Medical Assistant  or Firead more »

Are you ignoring heart issues because you are in denial?

Are you ignoring heart issues because you are in denial?read more »

What is the proper time to expect a man to call after 4 dates? Hot Conversation

New to dating after being widowed for 4 years. Met a great guy, went on 4 dates, kissed for real on the 4th date, (that’s all!), but he hasn’t called back and it’s been a week and a half…am I so old fashioned to expect anytread more »