Colonoscopy: I Did It (Finally)

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The Circle of Life, the Planet, the Solar System, and Beyond

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Walt Disney World what have they done to you?

Dont get me wrong. I have been an avid fan of Disney for ever.  However there are some things that have been going on lately that Is just not working.  For one thing: Has anyone been able to get a reservations to the new  Be our Guest restauranread more »

Discernment Counseling (Pre-Divorce)

We are in the process of a relatively new type of counseling called Discernment.  This is to help you decide if you want to 1) get a divorce or 2) put divorce on the backburner and revisit in 6 months or 3) work hard to save the marriage and enteread more »

Confused Hot Conversation

I have been with my husband, he is a alcoholic. When I had met him he did not drink and hadn’t drank for years. i was not aware that he was an alcoholic when I got involved with him. After moving in together he starting drinking again. A glaread more »

Finding a job

I’m 58 years old I haven’t worked for a very long time 10+ years. I need to find a job, but I just don’t seems to be able to find one. How can I get back into the work force and make a living? read more »

The kindness of feeding the homeless … or a squirrel

Watering the plants on my bay window, I glanced out and notices a squirrel scooting along the little garden fence beneath the window. Disney-cute, he halted, looked up at me, and continued his journey to my front door. I called Victoria to look.read more »

Wash Menopause Right out of Your Hair Most Liked Hot Conversation

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Thin Skinned

What are some good strategies and/or self talk when I get reactive to something my spouse says or asks? 0 likeread more »

Controlling Foodborne Illness: The Uninvited Holiday Guest

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that each year one in six Americans get sick, 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 die of foodborne diseases. Food is such a huge part of the holiday season and the kitchen can bread more »