This may be the world’s weirdest vibrator for women

Vibrators for women are no longer being made with realism in mind. Where designs of the past were made to resemble actual male anatomy, newer design trends have led to the creation of smaller, sleeker vibrators for women. For the woman who wants tread more »


hello I was married for 26 years, husband took left for PA in 2012 to recover from back surgery and pain drug problem…worked as computer eng.I never worked and bam…He meet someone on line and got engaged before he mailed me non contestread more »

Retired baby boomer wives of retired male baby boomers

What strategies, stress relievers do you use to keep an even keel when you get aggravated by things your husband does (or doesn’t do)? 1 liread more »

The price of my getting along with adult kids is one-way understanding.

I’m not ever supposed to be disappointed in their decisions, just have total capacity to forgive, forget, not mention, and complain to somebody else, like my friends at VN. I do understand the busy years, when both parents are workingread more »

Need an outside view for this

One of my sisters has done something that is both demeaning to herself, confusing and destructive to her grown children and disappointing to her siblings.   Herein is the problem. Three of her children have basically cut her outread more »

Single Retirement

I have no plans for retirement. I don’t know when I’ll be able to…just figured I would need to work as long as I can. And as a single woman, I have no idea what I want to do when I retire. I guess I just always thought I’d read more »


over a 15 year period my husband has suffer with high blood pressure. Several stays in the hospital, always the same outcome, back to all the risk factors that the Doctors would tell him to avoid. but to him they were wrong. so we stopped having sread more »

Hard Hearts Beat on Earth Day

read more »


I have had my nose lines to my mouth done but I have never had m cheeks injected.  Anyone else???  It is fairly new so I am wondering if it is lumpy or what to expect?? 1 read more »

Do you use soap nuts?

Three years ago I discovered soap nuts.  I was pretty desperate because my HE washer had developed a bad odor.  I can’t use bleach because of sceptic concerns, or any other harsh cleaners.  Then I discovered soap nuts.  What a 180 degreeread more »