3 Parties in One Day, I am a Party Girl!

    I gave a lot of thought to going to 3 Christmas parties in one day but decided why not? In my younger years I wouldn’t even consider passing up a party just because they were all on the same day so I really wanted to read more »

Light, Peace and Miracles

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Divorce with older children involved

I have filed for divorce after 38 years. My grown children refuse to have anything to do with and I cannot see my grandchildren. I realize this is not about me but there reaction to my rocking the boat. I have a very good theorist but their responread more »


i’ve been unemployed since May this year. before that i was unemployed since 2011. i have no income coming into my home with a son to raise. I own a home…still have a mortgage. should i sell my home? read more »

under eye concealer

I think I might have asked about this a couple of years ago but I am throwing it out to you again because I am still struggling to find the right product. I have always had dark circles under my eyes. I use an eye cream from a plastic surgeon thatread more »

Life after Ex

I haven’t been on here in a while but I have been reading and gaining strength! I am a year September post separation and 9 months post divorce. I have become my own person and really started living my life. I have had some wonderful miniread more »

A Look at Menopause Through the Ages

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The Gift of Giving

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hair loss

Has anyone had a positive result from using Rogaine foam 5%. I’m 58 and my hair is so fine now all over, I’ve been putting off trying this out, but now feel I’ve nothing to lose. It would be nice to know if any other woman has haread more »

Skin Changes

Recently I have been noticing weird bumps popping up all over my body. I want to see a dermotologist about them… they are like age spots, but when scratched they turn into a wart looking grey spot. Whats up with that read more »