Lessons from the dark side

This week has been the week from hell.   All I can say is that I feel like I have been chewed, swallowed, vomited and spit out and I do not know why.   It is said (from where I do not know) but it does, that wread more »

sever pain in groin and down inner thigh

I recently started having severe pain in my lower groin that shoots down my inner thigh. The pain has been so severe that it is disrupting Every area of my life…even my see life. Short walks become torture. X-rays of my lower back have show read more »

Dr. Anna’s Quickstart Guide to Cardiovascular Disease in Women

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My favorite, natural anti-aging face cleanser Most Liked Hot Conversation

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Divorce and finances

My mind is overwhelmed since 2011, October.  That’s when my ex, a pharmacist moved on to his 4th wife.  He booted me to the curb, literally, used her as the “babysitter”, married her and they are living in what was my home in mread more »

Lost and starting over

I was working two jobs for seven years and was about one month away from starting a career in plumbing when I was hit in an automobile accident. I had to have spinal fusiioon surgery and lost my main job and all benefits. It has taken me over a yeread more »

Menopausal ?’s. re: hair loss and painful sex

Hi everyone! I’m new, my name is Cheryl. Glad I found ya’all! I have done lots of research but I am getting conflicting answers so I hope someone has more insight than I do. For starters, I have had my hormones checked anread more »

A Yoga Valentine

The month of February is known for Valentines, hearts, chocolates, and love. In yoga, your heart center is also known as the anahata chakra. Here is a Heart Center Meditation that you can do for yourself. Heart Charead more »

Grandchildren: Dear to Us but Trying at Times Most Liked Hot Conversation

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Vibrator sellers

Somewhere on this site I had seen a few reputable Internet sites to purchase vibrators but I cannot seem to find it now. Can anyone help me please? One particular site had the rabbit type vibrator. I would appreciate any suggestions! read more »