Are Leggings a Fashion Faux Pas? Most Liked Hot Conversation

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Career at 58 With Spotty Work History

I need a career, or even a job that I can live with. I haven’t worked in several years, and much to my embarrassement I have a  history of spotty work history. I’ve had a job in the airline industry many years ago that Iread more »

Excessive Waits at Dr.’s Office

Yesterday I had an appointment for an MRI.  We live in a rural area and have to travel nearly two hours to a world-renowned clinic where the care assumably is good.  My husband has a painful back problem and it’s not easy for him to sit inread more »

My broken friendship

I really want us to get back the way we were before but i guess i should know better that mending a broken friendship takes a lot of time and effort. as what they say, “patience is a virtue..” it was really my fault why it happened, i read more »

Tomatoes on the Sill

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What Does the World Series and Breast Cancer Have in Common?

  It’s all about stats and hope. As the last week of breast cancer awareness month and the World Series end I thought I would mention some similarities. Shocking to many and even to me that I am using a sports analogy but hereread more »

Jealous Mother

My Mother is 85 and I am 63.  We have always had this jealous issue my whole life but it is getting worse with age.  She was always jealous of my friends stating that she wants “alone time with me” not with others. Now I have grown Cread more »


Until sometime in November I don’t think I’ll have much time to craft a fresh blog. Life is presently in the way. (AKA buried in a community fundraiser set for Nov. 2.)  Yesterday I tried cleaning up my e-mail mess on a newer computerread more »

And The Leaves Came Tumbling Down

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It’s Halloween and You’re in Menopause Symptoms Hell

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