My son just died… Hot Conversation

He was 20, and a brilliant college student. A great son and my only child. His death was a stupid accident, the kind of thing a young man does without thinking. I’m absolutely devastated. I look into a future with no family. I’ve spentread more »

viagra with high blood pressure?

My husband’s equipment is not quite what it used to be. I’d like to firm things up a bit but he says he can’t use Viagra since he’s on HBP medicine (10ml of Linisopril). I say there must be some alternatives!! Any inread more »

Retirement in Sacramento?

I would love to hear opinions about Sacramento as a place for an active single woman to retire.  I like to walk, cycle, create art, and garden. I plan to keep working during retirement. read more »


Does anyone else have cataracts? How are you coping? If you had the  surgery, how did it go, how was your recovery and how do you like your vision now? Did you lose any quality of vision? Were there any post-op problems, like pain, discomfort or read more »


I am 56 need help on vaginal dryness.   0 likeread more »

Mind Games and Gaslighting

I experienced being subjected to some form of mind games by my co-workers that eventually evolve into workplace bullying. the manner by which it was conducted was by speaking vague comments that are either insulting or sexual innuendos and i was kread more »

Married and so alone..

Am I the only one? My husband drinks all night and sleeps all day..All of my friends say they are so happy in their marriage,,Don.t believe it.. 0 read more »

Do You Analyze Your Dreams?

read more »

My food paradox, and probably yours.

How can something so good be so bad? Why do we fear something we love? We can.  We can’t. We should.  We shouldn’t. Food is my friend, my lover… Food is my enemy, my nemesis…. For so long, I’veread more »

what should over 50 men wear

My partner is a lovely, funny man with one problem, he wears what he thinks is in fashion but isnt..he is 5ft 5 wears 3/4 length crop pants with tight singlets when we gou out and thinks he looks fantastic, I dont want him to dress like an old manread more »