I use to jog in my 30,40,and 50′s. would like to start again. anyone jogging? I am 67 lc 1 likeread more »

Pelvic Exams–They are A’changin’

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Short lived affair Hot Conversation

Hello everyone, it has been a very long time since I wrote something,  I told you all of my failed marriage, but last May I reconnected with a boy ( not boyfriend) and I thought this was great to reconnect and recollect your youth, in the beginniread more »

Losing parents when they are young

I am almost 60 and lost both my mom and dad at what I consider an early age — my mom was 47 and my dad was in his early/mid 60s (dad passed away from early on-set alzheimers).  I am the oldest of six children and I would say that we all feeread more »

Hair cuts for women over 60 and overweight

Is there a boundary for heavy set women in their 60s on how short they should wear their hair… I do not want to look like a bowling pin… tiny head and fat body… Need some insight???? thanks read more »

I think I must be crazy!

IIt has been a year and a few months since the our divorce was final. In the last few months the ex and I started calling each other over the dog’s on going medical issues. One thing lead to another and we began calling each other every nighread more »

Dear Lisa, How Do I Get Him To Call Me?

Lisa answers questions from women over 50 about dating, including how do I get him to notice me? And how do I get him to call me? Plus more dating tips.read more »

Why Making Friends with Your Girls May Save Your Life

Breast self-exam (BSE) is widely promoted as a practice that helps women find breast cancer early. The idea is that finding it early will save lives. There’s just one problem: No study ever has found that BSE reduces read more »

De-cluttering books

I could use suggestions on how to purge books. I find it hard to let them go. The hardest to release are books I’ve read and loved. 3 likeread more »


I was raised in the church..My mother made sure, I went ever time the door was open..She had more faith than anyone.I have ever known..At the end of her life she went through so much pain…I found myself asking GOD why??…I know you are read more »