Dear Lisa, How Do I Win At The Dating Game?

As a smart woman over 50, how do you win at the dating game? By playing by the rules and knowing what men over 50 are attracted to.read more »

Are prescription meds harming your sex life?

Women in their 50s and 60s and older use more prescription drugs than they used to use. In particular, high blood pressure medications, some back medicines, diabetes treatments, and mood mediators (antidepression and antianxiety drugs) have a deciread more »

5 things to consider before you go for a short haircut

Are you thinking of going super short? Stylist Chris Cusano of the Brad Johns ColorStudio at the Elizabeth Arden Red DoorSalon in NYC says, “Women 50+ who are most comfortable with short hair are those who have had short-ish hair all along. read more »

10 signs of depression

One in three women will be diagnosed with major depression at some point in their lives. This frequently coincides with menopause, particularly if the perimenopausal transition is especially long or difficult. Menopause can also aggravate any exisread more »

dating younger men

I am dating a younger man…25 years younger.  We could not be happier…I am definitely younger than my years in looks, action, vitality, sexuality….it can work..  We love, talk, laugh and respect each other. Anyone else inread more »

What are the health issues specific to women over 40?

It’s really important for women in their 40’s to start getting the correct information as they enter perimenopause and move toward menopause. The reason it’s so important is because menopause is a time when women start facing some significanread more »

Is your OB/GYN enough or should you see a menopause specialist?

If you have significant perimenopausal or postmenopausal symptoms, such as horrible hot flashes, night sweats, or sexual problems that disrupt your life, or serious health disorders including osteoporosis and/or a background history of mood disordread more »

How to look stylish but not like our daughters or nieces?

Today’s Featured Comment From Beth Kristine: How do we look current without trying to look like our daughters or nieces? I have a few suggestions that mightread more »

Stop Settling for Fine!

Are you okay with being just fine? I’m not and I’m going to share with you why we should stop settling for fine.  Is fine just a pat answer to avoid looking at how you really are? What does it actually me to be FINE? One of the dictionary’read more »

braces with wrinkles

This is such a ridiculous question, but some of you may have experience and know the answer. I am in my late 50s, and I would like to *finally* get my protruding teeth straightened. What happens to your top lip when your teeth get stread more »