My husband has had ED for almost 2 yrs.  without medication we have had sex every night for 2 yrs.  Patience, love…….mutural respect.  It,s never just about one of us it,s always about both of us.  We both climax every time….read more »


MS is sometimes misdiagnosed. A very good friend of mine was diagnosed with MS and suffered with it for ten years.  Then one day when she thought her life was over, in a wheel chair, and going blind.  It took a friend looking at her xraysread more »

A Profile of Depression

In light of the growing awareness and after the death of Robin Williams, regarding the subject of depression, There is something I would like to share. While many suffer on a spectrum of depression, few experience the kind that makes it impossibread more »

Am I the only one.

I am new to Vibrant Nation.I can just about relate to every post.If it is about divorce,marriage,being lonley.drugs,kids,health you name it.I feel like, I can relate to it..I guess when you get to be 72,you have been through a lot..Does anyone elread more »

Hibiscus Potential

read more »

Over 50, lonely and depressed…

I’ve struggled with Major Depression for almost 30 years. Divorced, retired on disability (depression), and finally moved back “home” only to find that I don’t really have any friends here anymore. Just “broke up̶read more »

How Do You Know You Are Menopausal?

I spoke with a friend recently who mentioned she didn’t think she was menopausal any longer although she still suffers some hot flashes and night sweats. As we were talking she lost her train of thought twice. She also mentioned some mood swingsread more »

Fight for your life

Other than predators, a lack of preparation is your biggest enemy.read more »

When was the last time this happened to you?

Well, I am moved to my new digs and I have to admit that I am bone tired and feeling my age (so to speak).   I am not all unpacked but the space is doable and the most important part is that the animals love, love, love it! read more »

Going With The Flow: Part Two

Back in October I shared the experience of putting out positive thoughts and vibrations to the Universe and in return receiving the opportunity to leave a job where I was terribly unhappy, as well as being 50 minutes away by bus,  in exchange forread more »