I Love You

Right now I am so tired I don’t know how tired I am…you know..the kind that it takes three day of very good sleep to feel how your body felt and now feels. I have yet to have that three day, I won’t have it soon. Buread more »

Will Men Love Me Overweight?

Will men love me as an overweight woman? Why does a younger man want to get to know me? Lisa answers these questions and more about over 50's dating.read more »

I’m Doing C25K

As I shared in a recent post, my surgeon has cleared me to “ease in” to working out. I tend to have an all or nothing personality, and the concept of easing in can sometimes be lost on me. I’m training for a 20-mile, orread more »

Eileen Fisher clothes

Are they really flattering? They are thought to be perfect for women over 50. I find there is an awful lot of fabric to carry on my 5’4″ height. The lack of structure is hard to carry off well. And I like color! Am I the only one?read more »


Is having a soulmate true? What do one do when you think you found your soulmate but all the odds are against having appropriate realtionship. Should one fight for the relationship or just wait for the next lifetime??? read more »

bullying by my boss

I have been at my job for l.5.  I work in elementary school as a receptionist.  Recently, my boss(the principal) has been been bullying me. She has yelled at me in front others like i was 2 year old.  She is known as difficult to get along withread more »

Not My Timing But, “I Did It Anyway!”

read more »

another post about jeans

At JCPenney’s online I bought Levi’s 525 Straight in short. $40, which is more than I’ve ever paid for jeans, but perfect fit. SO happy!!! 1 read more »

over 50 and just got fired!!

I am so humiliated!! Just got fired and I’m still in shock over it!! The reason….I made 2 mistakes and I’m gone!!! No reprimand, no oral or written coaching. Just we have to let you go. I dont know how to get past this. So now Iread more »


What’s great in glasses these days? 4 likeread more »