Films to Fuel the Fire

When I read the results of a new study showing that couples who watch and then discuss movies about relationships could reduce the likelihood they would divorce, it occurred to me that watching movies that include sex scenes might have a similarlread more »

Should I reconnect with old friend?

For some reason my ex-college roommate has been on my mind. I haven’t thought of her in many years.  We came to a very bad end, a story too long for here; part of it was my fault, and part of that fault was not knowing how to deal with read more »

Letting the “boss” know

Hi friends, need a consensus on what recently happened at work.  Recently one of our girls found a new position which was aplus for her in the field. We have a moderate size business office with approx 12 employees.  The owner and son baread more »

Evil sister-in-law

I have only one brother,I love him very much. He is married to a woman that has problems.they both have been married 2 times. They have been married for 10 years.I have tried to be nice to her, for my brothers sake. She lies tread more »

Thanks For The Ripples

Since everyone in the U.S. is focused on Thanksgiving this week, I’d lread more »

Happy Menopausal Thanksgiving

read more »

What’s Your Best Worst Thanksgiving Story?

For some reason almost everyone has a Thanksgiving horror story. Here are some of the issues:   Turkey still frozen Turkey cooked with the giblet package contained Not all the food is donread more »

Working 250 miles from home

Hello Vibrant ladies, I am 52 years old and have worked full time making a great career for my adult life.  About 2 years ago I lost my job in the great recession, could not find job locally so  took a job 250 miles from my husband and horead more »

betrayed by my son

Eleven years ago my son (who is now 38) met this woman from hell.  She managed to break up his friend of twelve years by telling him he raped her, yeah, right?  They were drinking and she spent three days at his apartment.  Are you kidding me.read more »

How To Romantically Connect With The Men You Want To Date

To have a long-term relationship over 50, you’ll need to know how to romantically connect on 3 levels so it has the potential to go somewhere.read more »