the photo that helped me see

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Going Gray Boldly

I turned 57 and decided to stop fighting with my graying hair; so I opted for freedom!! And…. I love it. It has been 4 months and I can’t wait for every new hair discovery.  Every month I see a new pattern of silver shiny white and grread more »

Becoming an Esthetician .

I am looking for recommendations on good esthetician schools as well as testimonials about the profession. Thanks 0 likeread more »

New research addresses pain-in-the-back sex

Connect the dots for me here: Research consistently ranks good sex as an important component of quality of life. Back pain is a serious deal-breaker to good sex because when your back hurts, sex does too. About 31 read more »

Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should

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Need help from people who have divorced

A dear friend is finally leaving her husband after almost forty years of marriage. She has a firm grasp of all the finances, has taken pictures of all they own and has set up an appt for a lawyer. But what she needs help with is the steps sread more »

Love Hurts. How to Cope with Painful Sex During Menopause

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Are you the star of “The Busy Show”?

I often hear people singing how busy they are, with the greatest of glee – “I am SO busy” … as if it’s some type of badge of honour. Such people are late to meetings, constantly checking their phones, shuffling papers and generally jread more »


im a widow and has been with a man since my husband passed away.I meet this man,we haven’t had sex yet , but my question is ….can I use lubricant for my vagina even if im not married yet? Please , I need an advise on this one.read more »

Here’s to Old Friends

There’s nothing like getting together with close friends who knew you back in the day when you were young and thought you knew everything. And that’s exactly what I did this weekend. My core group of college friends had our aread more »