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9 ways to make new friends after 50

I've had friends either passed on or moved from the area - and I have had to start all over again.  I've always longed for at least one person to be really close to, something akin to a sister, as I was an only child.  So far I'm still missing that, but I'm reasonably occupied with friends.

  1. I belonged to a Spanish book discussion group and saw a woman whom I thought seemed very nice.  I found out she was from Chile, and as it happened I was looking for a bilingual cookbook, and asked her if she had one or could recommend one.  She had one and we met for coffee and have been friends since.
  2. Another time I was at a party and noticed another woman and her husband were sitting in the kitchen, so I joined them for a while, she and I liked each other, and exchanged numbers.
  3. Another woman I met in a meetup group and when she learned I was moving to her neighborhood, gave me her number.  Two of the women are married and so we don't see each other every week, but visit occasionally.
  4. I also joined a group of women over 50, started by someone from France who wanted to make some friends.  We're a diverse group of about 8, with nothing in common at first glance to draw us together, but we are getting to know each other by going to dinners, movies, meeting in homes to just hang out, and it works.
  5. Some may advise you to join similar interest groups, and that sometimes works but can miss the mark when others have just come to improve a skill with no other agendas.  But at least you're interested, and who knows.  A long-term group is better than a 4 week class.
  6. Meetup.com exists to promote events for like-minded people.  There's something for everyone, you sign up online and meet in the real world.  New people keep joining as others drop out, so you're always seeing new faces.
  7. If you're too tired after work, find a group that does something you like on the weekend.  Hiking, photography, spirituality, crafts, language, movies, pets, play reading, board games, book discussion, foodies...this barely scratches the surface.
  8. I've learned to be very open to speaking to people and finding if there may be common ground without coming on too strong.
  9. And don't rule out groups for mature women. 

This list was originally posted in response to this conversation.


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