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Barb Hughes

7 Steps To Getting a Creative Job

Do you want to be the next famous writer, musician, popular actress, or artist?

7 Steps to Getting Your Creative Dream Job

1.  Clubs

There are many groups, online resources, clubs and more that cater to just about any creative pursuit or interest. This is a fun place to hone your skills, meet up with others to work on projects together, practice, network, learn from, and just all-out PLAY.

2. Volunteer

Volunteer your editing skills at a grade school by helping teachers put together student creative writing stories and then compile a book of their work.  Play music and sing at nursing homes.  Teach an art class for free at your community center. By volunteering your time and skills, you are developing a working resume and gaining experience that you can then use to get a paying job.

3.  Right Place/Right Time

In the creative arts, sometimes being at the right place at the right time gets you a foot in the door. Volunteering as the janitor or receptionist (and then proving that you can write great copy, or fill-in as an extra voice on an audio project) comes in handy when a part-time opening needs to be filled pronto – and you are there.

4.  Promote Your Skills

Create a blog that showcases your thoughts or abilities – essentially an on-line resume of your work.  If you do art or photography, put together a Wix.com site (heck you can sell your art through sites like imagekind.com).  Tell your Face Book friends, LinkedIn friends, co-workers and more about what you are doing.  Invite them to your concerts, poetry readings, and art shows.

5.  Learn

Radio school, acting school, music classes, voice classes, writing classes.  Read anything you can get your hands on about your passion.  If you’re really into school, get a degree from a reputable institution that can help you network in your field of interest.  When it comes to creative jobs, Networking is a big part.  A school where you can intern within your industry will get you farther than a school that offers you a piece of paper and a pat on the back.  (If you do take an online course or class which doesn’t include networking, volunteer, promote your skills, and join clubs to fill in this piece.)

6.  Quality

Quality in the Creative Arts is earned through consistent hard work.  Practice.  Show up on time.  Do your work well.  Play nice with others.  Don’t be a diva. Be easy to work with.  If you’d do this work for FREE, possibly at any hour day or night, then you have what it takes to make it in the creative industry.  If you want a 9-5 job with weekends and vacations off, then a creative job might not be for you (but it could still be a great hobby).

7.  Mentor

Mentor someone else. You can always find someone younger, smaller, or less experienced to help.  Pass along your gift as you are on the way up.  Many times after your career has peaked, you’ll see the people you helped as you’re on the way down…and they’ll offer YOU a job.

If you want to be a writer, voice actor, painter, musician, or any number of fun creative jobs…explore, play, read, volunteer, take classes, join groups of people doing what you want to do, mentor others, and keep perfecting your art.  And look for any window of opportunity to sneak your foot into the door of your chosen passion – even if it doesn’t on the outset look glamorous or high paying.  You’d be surprised how often the unexpected happens…and someone is ‘discovered overnight’ who has been quietly working at their craft for years.



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