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Love & Sex

7 sexual myths about women over 50

Dr. Dorree Lynn

1 year ago

Myth #1: Older women are lousy lovers. False. For centuries, in many countries, it was expected that a young man would be initiated into the world of sexual pleasures by an older woman. Ladies, break the myths and reveal the lies. One way to do this is to hold your head up high and believe in yourself. You have history and experience on your side. Use it. You've lived long enough to have earned your stature.

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Myth #2: Older women don't want sex as much as older men do. False. Women just want more talk along with sex. Women love foreplay and feeling desired. If your partner doesn't "get it" suggest a date night away from the bedroom and gently talk to him (or her) about what you want. Communication is the key.

Myth #3: Older women's sex drive diminishes more quickly than older men's. False. It's just more complex. Remember sex is more than penetration. Many women can have multiple orgasms forever. But, cuddling, touching and sharing are all part of sex. If hormone help is needed, there are many traditional and alternative aids. And exercise always helps.

Myth #4: Older women don't want oral sex. False. Some do, some don't. If oral sex has never been your thing, you may not want it. On the other hand you may love it. Or, you may want to try it and find out. Sexual preferences are as varied as we are.

Myth #5: Older women don't fantasize. False. Many have active fantasy lives. An added hint: if you are fantasizing about your shopping list while making love, try something or someone sexier. Some studies show that women are turned on by eyes, faces and butts. Also many women fantasize about strangers and movie stars. Fantasies are normal and natural ways the mind works.

Myth #6: Older women must have romance to have sex. False, though many do desire connection. Most women tend to like being wined and dined. But, many women over 50 prefer easy encounters and/or friends with benefits. They like their independence and they like sex. They prefer no muss, no fuss.

Myth #7: Older women lose their vaginal sensitivity. False. It depends on the woman. While for many women hormone changes can cause painful vaginal dryness, this is not always the case. In addition to suggestions listed in #3, remember use it or lose it is the key. Vibrators are perfectly acceptable health aids.


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