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7 places to find wrinkle-free clothing

Vibrant Nation member Jeannie Smith from Iowa recently asked, "Where can I find 'wrinkle free' business attire?" She travels for work and often spends the better part of a week in hotels.

The members didn't let her down. The following is a list of answers Jeannie found from other women here on Vibrant Nation. Take a peek and show up looking clean and pressed for your next adventure!

Carol Anderson by Design 1. Carol Anderson by Design from Vibrant Nation member Transition Chick!
Transition Chick! says Carol Anderson's designs are "like Chicos but more curvier."

Chico's Traveler's Line 2. Chico's Traveler's Line from Vibrant Nation member roadtripdreamer
"I'm a big fan of the Chico's travelers line. I can travel for an entire week in a small duffel bag or carry-on. The pieces never wrinkle and always look sharp." (Roadtripdreamer may be better known to VN members as Carol White. Read her Top 5 Packing Tips for your Summer Road Trip.)

Transition Chick agreed that Chico's was a great choice. "I tell all my clients that travel for their job to try bubble shirts. They are one-size-fits-all and start out looking like doll clothes, but are fine under a suit or jacket!"

L.L.Bean 3. L.L.Bean's wrinkle free shirts from Vibrant Nation member Mistygirl
They fit great and are truly wrinkle free, looking freshly ironed right out of the dryer. I was on a shuttle bus from the airport on a hot, humid day, and a lady said to me, "That must be a magic blouse you are wearing because you just traveled all day and you look so crisp!"

TravelSmith 4. TravelSmith from Vibrant Nation member Renee H.
"They offer an entire catalog full of "travel-friendly" clothing; many of which do not wrinkle. I often buy their clothing for everyday use, to keep looking wrinkle free. They even keep their prices within the realm of reason."

Coldwater Creek 5. Coldwater Creek from Vibrant Nation member GabrielleP
"... You can wear it for a week on the road and no one can tell ...Even if you don't want to wear their stuff to work if you're not traveling, they have a line of travel knits that really works on the road."

Territory Ahead 6. Territory Ahead from Vibrant Nation member GabrielleP
For travel that doesn't involve too much work, don't forget about

Isabella Bird 6. Isabella Bird from Vibrant Nation member GabrielleP
Both Isabella Bird and Territory Ahead "have travel lines that don't wrinkle AND don't make me feel like I haven't earned as many frequent flyer miles as I have!"

Orvis 6. Orvis from Vibrant Nation member GabrielleP
Orvis is very good for travel clothing basics that you won't regret.

Contourwear 7. Contourwear from Vibrant Nation member Kathy Dragon
Travel expert and Vibrant Nation member Kathy Dragon recommends several pieces from the Contourwear line, especially those made of the Schoeller fabric, "which means rain (or red wine) bead off the pants. They don't pill or pick." Find out more of Kathy's must-have travel accessories.


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