5 Ways to Snap Better Family Photos With Your Smartphone

5 Ways to Snap Better Family Photos With Your Smartphone

Beth Blakely

1 week ago

The evolution of smartphone camera technology means you’re able to shoot photos like a pro with relative ease. That’s a huge bonus for those of us with kids or grandkids. We can fill our camera roll with sharply focused, colorful pictures of our loved ones.

While your phone’s camera already does most of the hard work for you, there are still a few important things you can do to make sure all your snapshots are keepers.

Let the Sunshine In

Shooting in natural light makes everything look better. It’s easier to get the right look, and avoid annoying shadows or dark, murky backgrounds.

Lose the Flash

The camera’s flash creates a harsh, unnatural look. If you need to use it, try a few practice shots to learn its range limits.

Look at It Sideways

Turn your phone on its side! Using landscape orientation gets more into the picture, and creates photos that look better on a widescreen computer or tablet.

Step Right Up

Digital zoom can make photos look blurry or pixelated. Try moving a little closer to your subject instead, or crop the photo later on.

Just Be Natural

Formal portraits don’t necessarily capture the real spirit of your subject. Try getting candid shots, when they’re in a more relaxed and genuine mood.

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