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The Glam Gals

5 tips for casual yet stylish dressing after 50

Casual and stylish. It's a challenging combination, especially for women over 50. How do you find that middle ground between sweatpants and the latest hot trend? Here are five tips for casual yet stylish dressing after 50.

  1. Try leggings plus a dress
    Short, flowing mini-dresses worn with bare legs and heels look great on twenty- and thirty-year-olds, but that doesn't mean they are off limits to women over 40 and 50. Many of these dresses look an awful lot like long tops, which means they work on many midlife women if you pair them with dark leggings, and ballerina slippers, or flat boots.

  3. Throw on a wide belt
    A quick way to look up to date over 50 is to add a wide belt to your casual weekend outfit. A wide belt worn loosely at the hip on a slight angle will instantly add a touch of the wow factor. Worn at the hip a wide belt is also a fantastic way to camouflage a flabby belly which is so common after 50.

  5. Slip on a sweater wrap
    Transitioning into spring or fall has never been easier or more fun than with a wrap. Just putting it on will make you feel like you have more flair and sophistication. Whether it's a cashmere wrap shawl, a poncho or a sweater wrap jacket that cascades down the front, a sweater wrap adds chic, grownup style to a very casual look.
  6. Experiment with flat shoes
    If you love to wear your jeans on the weekend, update them with a great pair of flats. Not only are they practical and comfortable, but they are an easy way to add personality to your outfit. Picture dark brown jeans and a top with a playful pair of leopard flats. Casual, but classy!

  8. Add some costume jewelry
    A pair of jeans with a white shirt looks mild-mannered and average, but add some bold costume jewelry and all of a sudden your casual look has gone chic. Look for bold, bright, interesting necklaces, earrings and bracelets. The idea is to add color and fun. Don't be afraid to wear something a little more "out there" than that fine gold chain you wear all week!


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