22 year-old-son moved in with older, controlling girlfriend. I’m so worried.

My younger son, 22 years old now has been dating this girl much against our wishes since he was 16 yrs old, has now moved in with her. Her parents love it  and are probably supporting them partly. I have supported him all through his college and spared him taking any college loans etc. But he hardly ever calls us. and I think just plans on eloping away when he starts a job next year in NY. I love him dearly and couldn't live without him being a part of my life. He is good looking and an ambitious kid and this girl is a gold digger with very modest intellectual level. My son got involved with her at a very young age and went crazy with the love of his life. I thought he will grow up but 5 years later it is still the same. She is older than him and is very controlling in the relationship. I feel very sad at our deteriorating relationship  and wish there was some solution. I love him, miss him all the time and feel worried about hom. Any helpful suggestions will be welcome.


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