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10 Things I Like About My Friends

The best thing I like about my friends who are still above ground or those who have passed on is that they knew me well and liked me just the same!

However, I guess I have to catagorize this list further simply because over the past 77 years I have met thousands and thousands of people and made many of them into acquaintances, but very, very few into friends.

Friends deserve a special place and friendship takes up a great deal of time because friendship requires effort. A good, true friend is someone who needs to go to work to put beans on the table, but will take the day off to stay with you if you are sick.

So here is my criteria of friendship and it is what I offer to my friends and what they can expect of me and what I want to expect of them.

  1. A friend has to be loyal.
  2. A friend has to be forgiving.
  3. A friend has to be smart and has to be willing to keep on learning..
  4. A friend is someone who makes me laugh at him, herself or even myself and who laughs with me, not at me.
  5. A friend has to be willing to share their knowledge and understand that it is o.k. to ask for payment for it when the person who is receiving is capable of paying for that knowledge.
  6. A friend has to be truthful.
  7. A friend is someone who will help you when you are down and out and will be willing to accept the same without reservations when he or she is down and out.
  8. A friend is someone who knows they can disagree and argue with you because both of us will know when two people always agree one of us isn’t necessary.
  9. A friend is someone who allows the friendship to grow into love.
  10. A friend is someone who makes me smile whenever I think of him or her whether they are still with us or have continued their journey beyond our world.


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